Top 10 Cities for Single Women

By Paula Santonocito, GCDF

Single in the city. Arguably, there’s nothing like it, especially if you seek a high-energy lifestyle with countless professional and personal opportunities.

Ah, but what cities are best for single women?

You’ve come to the right place for the answer.

This year, once again analyzed major U.S. cities in an effort to separate the best from the rest. As in 2010, our emphasis was on the criteria readers tell us are most important to them: employment opportunities; cost of living; access to travel; entertainment options; social opportunities; ratio of women to men; singles population; and healthy lifestyle, along with other lifestyle factors.

Factors and Filtering

Although the economy has improved since we published last year’s list, employment issues continue to concern single women and other working-age Americans. Because career focus is a given, especially in an environment where job opportunities aren’t exactly plentiful, we once again disqualified any city with an unemployment rate above the national average, which at the time of our analysis was 9.8 percent. As in the past, this left some of our favorite cities out of the running. With a sigh we say goodbye to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Atlanta, among other happening hubs, at least for this year.

Since economic recovery and jobs are prerequisites, we also disqualified any city whose unemployment rate had increased since our analysis last year. Coming out of a prolonged recession, we want to see greater, not fewer, employment opportunities. As a result, Seattle and Denver, which in 2010 held the No. 4 and 7 spots respectively, did not make this year’s list.

In order to earn a spot in the Top 10, an international airport was a requirement. Single-minded women like to get up and go—wherever their interests take them.

Once we had an initial list, we examined industries and employers, and compared cost of living. We took into account the percentage of singles to the general population, as well as ratio of women to men. In addition, we explored venues for social activities, arts, sports, and other entertainment. We also looked at cities from the standpoint of healthy living, with good health taking into account body, mind, and spirit. We considered other aspects of lifestyle as well, like aesthetics, personal style, and community support.

On Location(s)

It should go without saying that each single woman has her own criteria, and no city, like no list, is going to please everyone. The 2011 Top 10 Cities for Single Women list, however, includes a variety of locations that offer a wide range of professional and personal opportunities.

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