Names Boston as the Top City for Singleistas

By Ann-Maries Nieves

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Names Boston as the Top City for Singleistas

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PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. (January 20, 2010)—Boston has been named the top U.S. city for single women, according to a story released today citing the best 10 cities for singleistas by, the largest online news source for fabulously solo females. The nation’s capital takes second place while New York, Seattle, and Philadelphia round out the top five. This is the first comprehensive analysis conducted by

“Single women now have in-depth information they can use to make decisions about where to live to further their careers and lead more fulfilling personal lives,” says Paula Santonocito, career editor and author of the story. “All the cities on our list offer tremendous possibilities. Some cities are obvious, like New York, known for an extremely vibrant business and social scene. But other cities, like Philadelphia, where 33 percent of the population is single, housing is affordable, and there is a wide range of career opportunities, are fabulous as well.”

Why Beantown

For single women, Boston has it all. The city is home to publishing houses, high-tech research, a growing biotech industry, heath care facilities, and many large financial firms, making it a dynamic city for career opportunities. With a reasonable cost of living, numerous cultural attractions, and great nightlife, Boston is a single gal’s dream city. While the city does have slightly more women than men, approximately 52 percent to 48 percent, approximately 33 percent of the population is single. Add to the mix the fact that Boston singles tend to be educated and career-minded, and it’s a winning formula, one that earned Boston’s 2010 Top City status.

The Singleista Methodology analyzed major U.S. cities with an emphasis on the criteria its readers find most important: employment opportunities; cost of living; access to travel; entertainment options; social opportunities; ratio of women to men; singles population; and health/wellness lifestyle factors.

With career focus the ultimate factor, any cities with an unemployment rate above the national average of 10 percent, when research was conducted in October 2009, was disqualified. This immediately left out Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Atlanta, among other cities. Career opportunities, particularly in the current economic climate, weighed heavily; therefore, industries and potential employers were also examined.

Since singleistas love to travel, to earn a spot in the Top 10, an international airport was a requirement. compared cost of living, using New York City as the benchmark. Percentage of singles to the general population, as well as ratio of women to men, was then analyzed. In addition, the site explored venues for social activities, arts, sports, and other entertainment. also looked at cities from the standpoint of healthy living, with good health taking into account body, mind, and spirit. Finally, analysis considered other aspects of lifestyle, such as aesthetics, personal style, and community support.

Top Cities 6-10

Some surprise cities round out the Top 10, with Pittsburgh taking the eighth spot, nestled between Denver in seventh place, and Dallas ranking ninth. Pittsburgh, the former steel town, has evolved into a bustling center of commerce and has become quite cosmopolitan in the process, much to a singleista’s delight. Phoenix takes sixth place, and music-hub Austin, which is a great city for younger singles, comes in tenth.

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