Chelsea Lately’s Heather MacDonald

By Allison O'Connor

Heather McDonald had an opportunity to interview funny lady Heather MacDonald. If you aren’t familiar with this brilliant comedian, mother, step-mother, and career-minded woman, you’re missing out! So, we’ve included a few clips from her appearances on the hilarious late night comedy show, Chelsea Lately at the bottom of this post.

Here is what Heather has to say about juggling the demands of a blended family and her successful career.

SMW: As a working mother, how do you juggle raising three children with the demands of your career and the holiday season?

It is hard especially finding time to go to the mall that is why this year I’ve teamed up with MasterCard and am using their website to help buy gifts for everyone on my list online. You just go to the site and answer a few questions about who you are buying for and they give you great unique choices within your budget and if you use your MasterCard to purchase it, you will receive $10 dollars worth of MP3 downloads at, so you get something for yourself too!

SMW: Being a step mother can have its own set of challenges. Do you have any advice for other women that are about to become a step mother?

Being a step mother is such a gift. I have only given birth to boys, so I love my special time with my step daughter, Mackenzie who is ten. My advice is to form your own special relationship with your step daughter. Don’t try to be their best friend – it is still your home with you and your husband’s rules. I love shopping with my daughter, and I let her choose what she wants to wear, but I still have to approve. In turn, she tells me what looks good and not so good on me, and there is nothing more honest than a ten-year-old’s opinion of your clothes.

SMW: Has your stand-up routine changed at all since you became a mother?

Absolutely, I used to talk about dating and after getting married it seemed a little odd saying, “So last night I’m at this guy’s house and…” I love talking about my husband and kids. They give me new material every day, and my husband loves when I talk about him or even when Chelsea calls him “the cheapest man alive,” which she has. He got over it because I told him in this recession, cheap is the new black, so it’s a compliment.

SMW: How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a comedian?

I wanted to be one when I would watch “An Evening at the Improv” when I was in high school but all the female comedians I would see were either unattractive, gay or hated being married. I knew I wanted to be married and have children one day and thought what guy would ever want to marry a female comedian? After a year at a cubicle job, I decided I had one life and needed to use the gift God gave me and that was to make people laugh and hopefully men would still find me attractive and luckily they did and the one I married, Peter, loves that I am a stand up.

SMW: Who or what inspired you to become a comedian?

I was watching a show and Eddie Murphy was being interviewed, this show allowed call in questions. A woman called and said that on the day she found out her son had died she said she would never laugh again and that night she turned on Saturday Night Live and saw Eddie Murphy do his character “Buckwheat” and she laughed. She wanted to call in and thank him. That made a huge impression on me on how healing and how important laughter is to all of our lives.