Chelsea Lately’s Heather MacDonald

By Allison O'Connor

SMW: Many comedians have said they grew up in a house where laughter and comedy were part of their every day life. Did your parents encourage comedy and laughter growing up?

Yes. I am the youngest of five kids so I did have to work hard to get some attention. Both my parents are funny and creative. They met in advertising like in Mad Men. My mom can tell the funniest stories and my dad is good at imitating people.

SMW: What was the turning point in your career when you realized…”I made it”?

When I was approached in Target by a woman who said “I’m so sorry to bother you but you are just hilarious.” As if I was ever going to say “Can’t I ever just look for grout cleaner in peace, it’s a Sunday leave me alone.” Never would I say that. I don’t think I’ve really made it, maybe you asking me this is that moment. In fact my husband jokes that he should get me a shirt that says “If you recognize me please approach.”

SMW: Your impersonations are hilarious. Which three celebrities are your favorite to impersonate?

My favorite are Drew Barrymore, Kim Cattral and Celine Dion.

SMW: Knowing what you know now about show business, what advice would you give your own child if he/she decided to pursue a similar path?

I would tell them to go to college and major in what interests them whether is acting, film or screenwriting and then continue to pursue their passion for as long as they are happy pursuing it. I sold real estate for a decade while pursing stand up and acting and having a second career that you also enjoy is something that should be considered.

SMW: How will you be spending the holidays?

We will be staying at home. On Christmas Eve we go to the 4pm mass at our parish and then go to the Kardashian/Jenner Christmas Eve party which we’ve been attending for a few years now. Kris Jenner really does it up and has elves to help keep the kids busy so the adults can drink and visit.

Heather McDonald is a seasoned stand up comedienne, actress and writer. She starred and was a writer on the hit MTV sketch show LYRICIST LOUNGE SHOW. She was a contributing writer on WHITE CHICKS with the Wayans brothers and had a featured role as the saleswoman who helps Marlon dress. She has guest starred on FRASIER, MALCOM IN THE THE MIDDLE, RENO 911, WATCHING ELLIE, QUINTUPLETS, THREE AND DRAKE AND JOSH. She’s performed stand up at Harrah’s in Las Vegas, numerous colleges and clubs and on Comedy’s Central’s Make Me Laugh. She is also one of the writers for USWEEKLY’S FASHION POLICE. To see Heather live in a city near you, check out Chelsea Lately’s Comedy Tour Dates.