You Could Win! Submit Your Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe

By Melanie Nayer

Cooking LessonThere’s something special about the scents that waft through your kitchen on Thanksgiving morning: the roasted turkey and chestnuts, the baked yams, the sweetened cranberries and the stuffing spices make Thanksgiving a lasting memory.

I remember waking up early on Thanksgiving morning – the turkey was already in the oven and it was time to make the stuffing … my Mom’s specialty. Each year we looked forward to Mom’s stuffing. We would sneak bites from the bowl before it ready to be served and when the stuffing hit the table, the spoons fought for first dibs. It was – and will always be – the Thanksgiving staple at our dinner table.

It was only a few years ago that I finally asked my Mom for the recipe. We stood in the kitchen – two adults who spent decades preparing Thanksgiving dinner together – and diced onions, sauteed mushrooms, and chopped breadcrumbs. We sang a Simon & Garfunkel classic, which I later learned held the secret ingredients to Mom’s sacred recipe. Every year at Thanksgiving I look forward to Mom’s stuffing, and while no one makes stuffing like she does, it’s fun to try.

As generations gather around the Thanksgiving table this year, we encourage you to lick the bowl, steal a bite and take in the scents. But what we really want is your secret recipe! wants to hear from you: What recipe did you learn from Mom? Is there one Thanksgiving dish that is a staple at your Thanksgiving table?

Share your favorite “Cooking with Mom” moment, and send in your favorite recipe from Mom’s recipe book. We’ll publish your recipes and one lucky woman will win a $50 gift card and a copy of Josie Brown’s bestseller, The Complete Idiots Guide to Finding Mr. Right.

Send your recipes to The recipes will be posted on Friday, Nov. 20 in our Food and Wine section in Escapes.

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