Creating Healthy Self Esteem: Beauty’s Secret

By Allison O'Connor

“I am the Heartlight Angel. I have a secret to share with you.”

An angel? A secret? Beauty couldn’t believe it!

“The secret will remind you of who you truly are,” said the angel.

“What do you mean?” Beauty asked.

The angel explained. “It’s wonderful that you take good care of yourself, Beauty, and that you tend to your appearance. These things are important.

“More important, however, is the care you give yourself on the inside. It’s important to remember that who you truly are goes deeper than your face and your body. The real you is so much more than your image.”

The angel leaned closer, and her eyes captivated Beauty. They were the color of the sea, green with a small heart-shaped dot in the left one.

“The beauty that comes from inside of you is much more important than what people see on the outside of you,” said the angel. “Your inner beauty is what the world wants to see.”

“I thought people only cared about what I look like on the outside,” said Beauty, rather puzzled. “How do I get inner beauty?”

“You already have it, my dear,” replied the Heartlight Angel. “You always have, and you always will. You are born with it, and so is everyone in this world. Inner beauty is what makes everyone on the planet a beautiful being. It is your essence, your true self.”

“Essence?” asked Beauty. “What’s that?”

“It is the beauty inside of you that is constant and never changes. Beautiful qualities like love, joy, peace, harmony, goodness, and grace. These qualities are the truth of who you are.”

The angel continued. “There is a beautiful bright light that glows within your heart. It is called your Heartlight. It is in this special place that you hold these wonderful qualities, Beauty.”

With a smile, the Heartlight Angel asked, “Are you ready for the secret?”

Was she ready? Beauty still couldn’t believe an angel was delivering a secret to her. She paused momentarily, and then nodded with excitement.

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