Free Summertime Staycation Ideas for Single Moms

By Allison O'Connor

kidsexploringOkay, so the summer getaway with the kids has been squashed or maybe you’ve already had your big family vacation. Now what? We still have another 6 weeks of summer vacation and in some areas of the country, a little less. Since many of us are staying close to home this summer, my single mom posse and I have put together a list fun, free, entertaining staycation ideas that single moms and their kids can do together. So, make the most of these dog days of summer and try out a few of these well tested FREE activities. You may even make a few bucks to add to your vacation fund for next year. 

1). National Parks. If you haven’t read our article; National Parks: Fun, Free Family Vacations, here it is again. There are 100 national parks that are offering free weekend admissions this summer. You’ll find activities from hiking, camping, picnicking, swimming, guided educational tours, biking and more. Plus, you and your kids may even learn a few interesting facts about your region.

2). Museums. Want to instill a bit of education during these last few weeks of summer? Consider visiting your local museum. Many museums throughout the country including large city museums, are offering FREE museum days and nights. And, if you live near one of the many botanical gardens and zoos, check them out too. You’ll be surprised at how many are also offering free admission this summer.

3). Concerts and theatre. From big cities to small towns across the country, you can find free live music playing all summer long and at a variety of venues. Major cities like NY and LA have a free summer concert series in conjunction with colleges, churches, libraries, museums and other cultural centers. Invite another single mom and her kids and you have a readymade party. Like theatre? Check your local listings for free theatre in your area. NYC also has some of the most popular theatre in the park series every summer, but you just may find your local playhouse offers a free summer theatre program too.

4). Have a tag sale. This is a great way to make a few extra bucks while teaching your kids the value of a dollar. This activity will keep you and your kids busy all weekend long. Involve the entire family when it comes to choosing the items, pricing them, setting up and putting up posters. Depending on the age of your children, you may want to let them be responsible for selling their own items. Making change will keep their math skills sharp too. Another tip, make lemonade and cookies the night before for your shoppers. Remember, a happy and comfortable shopper buys more. Invite your neighbors and your other single mom friends and her kids and you just might end up with a block party. Here are some tips on throwing the ultimate garage sale.

5). Join a charity or participate in a charity race or event as a family. This economy has been particularly hard on charities. So, if you are taking a staycation in your home town this summer, why not find a charity or charity event that you and your kids can participate in together. You may even be able to combine fitness with a charity that benefits children or another cause that is near and dear to your heart. The Charity Navigator will help you find a charity or non profit in your area.

6.) More summertime staycation ideas here.


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