Gaga for Green

By Ann-Marie Nieves

We just love these eco-friendly products that make live a whole lot easier and healthier!

Full Circle's eco-friendly cleaning productsThe Secret to a Clean, Green Coffee Machine: Full Circle’s portfolio of eco-friendly cleaning products

More and more coffee lovers are learning that “greening” the coffee experience means more than just buying organic and fair trade beans — it means a new way of cleaning their coffee machine. Full Circle’s new portfolio of coffee and espresso machine cleaning products, available at Williams-Sonoma nationwide, are biodegradable, phosphate free and odorless.

Now, home brewers can easily cross this overlooked job off their list in just a few moments, thanks to Full Circle’s complete line of environmentally conscious cleaning products. This eco-friendly high-performing product line is formulated from naturally occurring, sustainable and renewable ingredients.

“Regular soap and traditional methods (such as vinegar and water) are inadequate to remove the deposited coffee oils that quickly accumulate,” says Kofi Amoako, Technical Director of Full Circle at Urnex. “This oily residue, along with build-up of mold, minerals and lime deposits, is also the source of bitter tasting coffee and problems related to equipment malfunction.”

The Full Circle line of eco-friendly, odorless coffee and espresso machine cleaning products include:

  • Descaling Powder and Liquid to break down lime scale and mineral build up inside the machine
  • Cleaning Powder to remove oily residue and mold that lead to bitter tasting coffee and unnecessary machine wear
  • Cleaning Tablets to effectively remove build-up inside an automatic espresso machine
  • Single Cup coffee brewer descaling and cleaning liquid formulated specifically for single cup brewers
  • Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets to maintain proper function of burrs and the motor inside the grinder
  • Milk Cleaning Liquid to break down build-up left behind from milk proteins and fat

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Teething BlingBeautiful for Moms and Safe for Babies: Teething Bling®

Teething Bling®  by SmartMom was inspired by babies who like to tug on our jewelry. As mom to a six month old, I’ve had had a few jewels ripped right off! The added bonus? Made from the same material as many teething toys, Teething Bling® is perfectly safe for babies to handle and chew. SmartMom’s products contain:

  • No lead
  • No latex
  • No phthalates
  • No BPAs
  • No PVCs

The food-safe, medical-grade silicone used in all Teething Bling® products is an organic compound that is low in toxic and chemical reactivity and will not contribute to contamination of the water system.


ECOBAGS® Organic Net Drawstring BagLearn to Forgo Produce Bags: ECOBAGS® Organic Net Drawstring Bag

With all of the plastic bag bans in various cities and towns throughout the U.S., there is little emphasis on cribbing use of those pesky produce bags in the fruit and vegetable aisles. ECOBAGS®, the original reusable bag company, has created a highly durable, organic cotton net drawstring bag perfect for those delicious apples and grapefruits. The retailer also has an assortment of non-mesh produce and bread bags. They are also easy travel bags for personal products, too.

Shop for ECOBAGS at your local market or visit

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