A Guide to Bonding With Your Teenage Son

By Marissa Thomkins

Single moms raising sonsBonding with your teenage son may be difficult, as most teenagers are of course hard to deal with. Many parents do not know how to communicate with or how to deal with a teenage son. It is crucial at this time in their life to support them and nurture them. Here, is a quick guide on how to bond with your son to ensure they will become a functioning adult.

In Common. It is crucial when bonding with your teenage son, to find things you have in common with him. Whether it be going to baseball games or going mountain biking together. It is essential to feel natural together, without forcing anything. When a parent and his or her son are enjoying something in common, conflicts are less likely to come up. The likelihood of a kid getting into serious trouble is significantly lower if a kid has fun activities to do. It is essential to let him choose the activity, to ensure you are doing something he enjoys.

Dinner together. Many families do not spend the evening having dinner together. Not only is this a strong bonding experience, it teaches teenage sons how to have manners at the table. Another great thing about dinner together is a teenage son can learn how to cook well before his peers. When a family has dinner together, it is hard for them to feel the disconnect that many families in our modern times feel.

Don’t smother. Teenage boys are notorious for wanting to be left alone. If you can deal with your son more like a peer, you will garner respect. The thing with teenage boys is they are going to want their space. If a kid stays out of trouble, it is best to keep rules to a minimum. Basically, with teenage boys, it is best to let them do their own thing.

Take a trip. Taking a short weekend trip with your teenage son can be a strong bonding experience. Whether it be a hiking trip, or a fishing trip, it is a terrific way to bond while having fun. A weekend trip can also be an exciting time to help instill values in your teenage son, and learn more about him.

Music. Many teenage sons forget that their parents were young at some point. If you can play some music with your teenage son, that would be a great way to connect. Or at the very least, show them the type of music you listen to. It may surprise you that some of the music you listened to as a teenager is also listened to by today’s teenagers.

When bonding with a teenage son, it is important to make them feel in control. Have them run the show per say, at least in some instances. If he can pick and choose what activities to do, that would be a great start. Remember, when bonding with your teenage son it is about finding a common ground with him. The teenage years are very formidable on a person, and will have an effect for many years to come.

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