How To Look Hot in a Minivan by Janice Min

By SMW Staff

How to Look Hot in a Minivan By Janice MinWhen Janice Min was the editor-in-chief at US Weekly, she helped popularize the “celebrity mom” mystique.  Whether celebrating an expectant starlet’s baby bump or showcasing photos of a just-having-given-birth movie star’s improbably trim bikini body, Min helped make these a source of endless fascination for women across the country.

However, there was an unexpected side effect to publishing all these fabulous, glamorous examples of motherhood:  it also inadvertently raised the standards for mothers everywhere, whether famous or not.  Now, sleep-deprived, exhausted mothers weren’t just expected to care for their newborns, they had to be stylish and hot while doing it.  As the mother of three young children herself, Min could see the dramatic culture shift taking place and realized that, just like their more famous counterparts, everyday women needed access to the same experts, tips and tricks as super-hot celebrity moms.  After all, it wasn’t like these celebrities were doing it all by themselves…

HOW TO LOOK HOT IN A MINIVAN:  A Real Woman’s Guide to Losing Weight, Looking Great, and Dressing Chic in the Age of the Celebrity Mom is the mother lode (pun intended) of Hollywood’s best kept secrets for the minivan set.  Written with Min’s smart, funny and accessible voice, HOW TO LOOK HOT IN A MINIVAN culls together fashion, nutrition, fitness and beauty tips from Hollywood’s top experts – proving you don’t really need a full time stylist, nutritionist and trainer to look like a million bucks. This book contains essential information that every expectant or new mother should know about their post-partum bodies and frank, real-life tips on everything from the right clothes for your body type to the right hairstyle for your face.

About the Author

In the six years that Janice Min helmed US Weekly, the magazine’s audience doubled to over 13 million readers and it was awarded some of publishing’s biggest awards, including Advertising Age’s Magazine of the Year.  Now the editorial director of the newly relaunched The Hollywood Reporter, one of the hottest magazines in the industry, Min is a sought-after media personality who’s been featured in a number of national outlets, including the New York Times, the Today Show and Good Morning America.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.  And yes, she drives a minivan.

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