“Kids Who Love to Cook”

By SMW Staff

Baked Chicken Kids Who Love To CookHave a picky eater? Or maybe a kid who just won’t leave you alone in the kitchen.

Either way, introduce them to “Kids Who Love to Cook”– a webseries filled with cooking videos for kids. The website and cooking series takes you into the kitchen with seven real-life kids to show their love of food and to teach other kids the joys of cooking. The website features cooking videos, recipes, food adventures and contests for both the beginner cook and future chefs alike.

“Kids Who Love to Cook” embraces personal preferences and encourages kids aged 8 to 16 to prepare food from their family history, as well as new ideas and trends like gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. It  also teaches them important life lessons: planning, budgeting, measuring, cooking, and being creative and able to adapt when presented with challenges.

All dishes seen on “Kids Who Love to Cook” are easily prepared and enjoyed at home. The show does not use swap-outs – the dishes that are shown in the end are the actual dishes made by the kids.

Get your kids into the kitchen to make the Baked Chicken recipe that 13 year-old Abby made and your kids might become “Kids Who Love to Cook”. Check out www.KidsWhoLoveToCook.com.

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