Life-Long Healthy Survival Strategies for Single Moms by Ronald M. Caplan

By Melissa Chapman

Every woman needs a survival strategy and in his brand new book, LONG LIFE, Dr. Ronald M. Caplan offers strategies to help single Moms lead longer, more productive lives.
We live in a dynamic time, where medical researchers are in a mad dash to uncover breakthroughs about the very the cells that make up our bodies. According to Dr. Caplan, our eventual ability to alter the lifespan of a cell – to keep cells that would otherwise die, alive and vital – will have a major effect on our lifespan. Basically, uncovering the “secrets” to our cells will help doctors stop disease before irreversible harm is done.
“Soon it will become possible to decrease the incidence of the serious diseases that traditionally occur as we age – including heart disease, stroke, and cancer,” says Dr. Caplan, who has single moms’ best interests close to his heart- being that his daughter is a single mom herself. “When these diseases do occur, it will eventually be possible to manage them as chronic conditions for long periods of time. In medicine, doctors are progressing beyond the point of making people “feel better about themselves”, and “look their best”, to actually being able to offer people longer, more productive lives.”
Dr. Caplan gives SMW the lowdown on Women and Long Life:
SMW: What are the most common health mistakes single Moms make?
Dr. Caplan: Putting their own health a distant second. Have you ever read the little card in the seatback pocket of an airplane? It states; in an emergency, first put on your oxygen mask and then put masks on your children. The point is, if you are not paying attention to your health, not eating properly, keeping fit, getting enough rest, and not having enough of a satisfying personal life to maintain a positive outlook, then the level of care and nurturing that you will be capable of giving to your children will inevitably suffer, especially in the long term. You have to be alive and well to be there for your children.
SMW: Are there any preventative measure single moms can take to ensure their long-term health?
Dr. Caplan: Every single Mom should understand that living healthfully-no smoking, moderate alcohol consumption, exercise and proper nutrition- is only part of the equation. A large part of Preventative Medicine today involves the use of sophisticated diagnostic means to detect the propensity to, and the actual early manifestations of, disease long before the disease process has caused irreversible harm, and while the disease can be managed and effectively treated in a straightforward way.
Therefore it is essential for a single mom, no matter how busy she is, to make sure she is adequately covered by health insurance, and that she regularly sees a physician who is up to date on the latest approved diagnostic techniques, and that she follows through on her physician’s advice.
SMW: What should single Moms be aware of as they head into their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s?
Dr. Caplan: As a woman gets older, she becomes increasingly prone to developing arteriosclerotic heart and vascular disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and other illnesses that tend to be chronic, and that can be life threatening. Cancer also becomes more prevalent. A healthful lifestyle and attention to genetic makeup, along with early diagnosis and treatment are all important in the management of such conditions. It is now possible to turn previously fatal diseases into manageable, chronic states.
SMW: Are there any lifestyle changes single Moms can make to improve their health?
Dr. Caplan: Don’t eat junk. One of the most common things I hear from Moms is that their kids eat junk, and since they eat with their children, so they. The task of weaning children (and yourself) away from “comfort” food, once the taste has been established, is not easy. Just do it.
Stop smoking. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. Many women have commented to me that smoking calms them, and if they don’t smoke, they gain weight because they eat more. In view of the proven devastating effects smoking has on one’s life and health the excuses pale by comparison. There are ways to quit, difficult as it is. Ask your doctor.
Find a sport– preferably aerobic- that you can enjoy with others. Find people with similar interests and schedules, and somehow make time to have some fun, and exercise together.
Make an appointment with your gynecologist: it has probably been too long since the last one!

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