Must-Have Halloween Products For Kids

By Melissa Chapman

Well single moms, it’s that time of year again when across our great nation–despite the economic slump–store shelves are jam-packed with gooey, better brush your teeth as soon as you’ve finished eating it, creepy crawler gummies, ghoulish masks and life-sized skeletons to commemorate Halloween.

Since the celebration of this oh-so-scary holiday will make its debut shortly, we’ve hand picked a few must-have products starting with carving tools and markers to pimp out your pumpkin and trick or treat accessories that will make your little ones happy as clams. We’ve also got some not-too-scary DVD’s to get you and your brood in a ghoulish mood, our favorite Radio Flyer to take out on your trick or treat jaunts and oh so much more! So keep reading…and happy trick or treating!

Get in the Halloween Spirit:
Halloween DVD for kidsCelebrate the spookiest night of the year with the DVD release of Edgar & Ellen: Trick or Twins. Your kids will experience a double dose of mayhem as the fearsomely fun Nicktoons Network television series stars Edgar and Ellen invite them to the sickeningly sweet town of Nod’s Limbs where the scheming twins throw a costume party filled with marvelous contraptions of trouble on All Hallow’s Eve. The release features two Edgar & Ellen specials  “Trick or Twins” and “Cold Medalists;” as well as  bonus animated shorts, a “Mad Lab Transformation” game and a “Personality Quiz” game. Available in a day-glo neon wrap packaging, it’s a perfect night light for children to use while trick-or-treating. ($14.98).

Pimp out Your Pumpkin:
Whether you’re a single mom carving and decorating pumpkins with your kids to welcome treat-seeking visitors on Halloween night, or you’re holding a pumpkin-decorating party with family and friends, here are some must-have tools we highly suggest you stockpile:

Pumpkin products for kidsSakura of America Paint Markers: Move over Crayola and Rose Art!! These paint markers are the perfect way for single moms to help their little ones decorate pumpkins! Permapaque opaque paint markers by Sakura of America are perfect for drawing on pumpkins, table settings, or other Fall and Thanksgiving themed decorations. But, not only can Permapaque write on pumpkins, if the pumpkins are set outside the ink can withstand the dampness of morning fog or dew. Available at Sakura of America.

Pumpkin Masters‘ carving tools are safer than household kitchen knives and with their wide range of decorating patterns, single moms and dads can turn any pumpkin into a work of art.

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