Protect Your Kids Against Cyber Bullying ~ Freebie!

By SMW Staff

Does your child have a much older friend on Facebook? Is a classmate from school bullying them online?

Now, there’s a smart new way for parents to find out – without spying! is a brand new service that helps protect kids from common online dangers. It scours the internet for questionable activity, making parents aware of videos and photos their kids share publicly, cyber-bullying, potential internet addiction, when privacy settings are changed on social networking sites, and more. The service also goes a step further, helping parents keep tabs on their child’s mobile calls and text messages! also helps parents guard their child’s reputation by flagging postings that could potentially harm their child’s future.

SafetyWeb makes protecting kids’ and teens’ online activity easy for any parent with no software to download or programs to install. Parents simply sign up and submit their child’s email address — SafetyWeb takes care of the rest, scanning 45+ social networks. SafetyWeb also offers a mobile integration allowing parents to use the service from their iPhone.


Tell us some of your concerns about social media and your child in the comments section below and you could win a free month’s subscription to

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