Protecting Children From Abuse

By SMW Staff

Protecting Children From AbuseAn unusual campaign has been created, but as you review the statistics and consider the lives of friends and family members who were victimized, you will want to do everything you can to bring Antonio Brown’s book to light.

In his memoir “Muted. Dreams” – Antonio details his childhood of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to protect him the most. For years he suffered in silence, forced to accept a nightmare childhood. But today, as an adult, he can help give power to those children facing this under-reported, under-recognized and under-treated plight.

Did you know:

  • Every 13 seconds a child is abused
  • It is estimated that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will have experienced an episode of sexual abuse while younger than 18 years
  • Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere, to anyone in any neighborhood, in every religion, across all racial boundaries and ethnic group
  • Most children are abused by someone they know and trust, although boys are more likely than girls to be abused outside of the family.

How can we fight what we do not know or refuse to see hiding in plain sight? The sooner we are able to talk openly, the sooner we can break the chain and save many children from abuse. Antonio has started a Kickstarter campaign to support his book “Muted. Dreams.” The money raised through this Kickstarter campaign will cover:

  • Printing costs for the novel in both hard cover and paperback (approximately 20,000 books).Muted Dreams by Antonio Brown
  • Promotional and advertising costs.
  • Key city bi-coastal book tour, targeting those areas where reported cases of abuse and molestation are the highest.
  • Costs of books to be given to young adults in youth centers and shelters who have suffered from abuse and molestation.

Help to get the word out about this epidemic and help raise much-needed funds to prevent more children from being victimized. Visit “Muted. Dreams” Kickstarter campaign to find out more. To read more about Antonio’s story visit