By Allison O'Connor

Record_O_Clip_4b0d3ab6614c2Balancing everyday tasks can be a challenge for the average person, especially when their days consist of so many commitments to work/school, family, friends etc. These many daily commitments make it easy for the smaller tasks in life to fall through the cracks.

Whether you have a relative who has trouble remembering what to pick up from the store, or a friend who needs a reminder to stay out of the snacks, the new Record-O-Clip gives the gift of recollection. JIMCORP, LLC has transformed the everyday bag clip into a revolutionized recording device.

The Record-O-Clip is more then a bag clip, it’s magnetic and holds up to 16 seconds of audio sounds, spoken word, or music that you record with the touch of a button. The message is played back every time you open the clip, whether it’s holding a note, a bag of chips, a child’s homework, or a photograph from a vacation.

Since the Record-O-Clip is magnetic it can attach to any refrigerator, dishwasher, car door, file cabinet, etc., which makes it easy and convenient to access when you have to remember a message, and there is no notepad in site.

The Record-O-Clip is available online at http://www.recordoclip.comfor $7.99 and includes FREE SHIPPING.


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