Save Money with the Digital Day Counter

By Allison O'Connor

DaysAgo digital food counterMoms, how many times have taken a half empty jar of baby food, tomato sauce or salsa out of your frig only to forget when you originally opened it?

SMW discovered a great little product to help you keep track of expiration dates on opened jars in your frig.

The Digital Day Counter by DaysAgo is cute little counter you can stick on top of food jars that let you know when they’ve gone bad. Think of the money you will save by using up food items before they expire.

But, these digital counters also have other uses too all over the house.

You can stick them on your AC unit or fish tank to remind you when to change the filter. And you can even use them to help keep track of when to take your medication or to water your plants.

SMW gives this product two thumbs up! Sells for $5 or $8 for two at:

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