Single Minded Moms: Baby Bump Products—for Single Moms to Be

By Melissa Chapman

When you’re knee-deep in morning sickness, carting around a swollen belly and calves that have transformed into sausage-like cankles, the last thing you think you’ll ever feel is pretty! And, if feeling betrayed by your body wasn’t enough to send you slightly off the deep end, you’re facing this pregnancy solo and a bit apprehensive about becoming a single mom. 

Well, if you’re in the market for an online support system, consider the first stop on your single mom journey. Here you’ll find a community of experts and single moms in the trenches who will give you the low-down on dealing with your ex, custody and finding time for yourself and most importantly; the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style just because you’re sporting a bit of a baby bump!

According to Amy Swift, chief product officer for  Ladies Who Launch , the number one rule in pregnancy is to ditch those baggy clothes!

“You want to feature the part of your body that is faring the best–so besides your bump, perhaps it’s your collar bone and face, or maybe your legs or arms are staying slim and toned,” says Swift. “Whatever is working for you, make that the focus of your outfit. If you have gorgeous FEET, wear a sandal and show off your pedicure!”

Swift’s picks for style-conscious outfits for pregnant single moms:

Leggings with a cute tunic or longer cotton blouse and a great flat.

Stretchy dresses–especially with a heel—since during your pregnancy is the one time you can really rock something sexy and slim fitting while still acknowledging your are pregnant.

Beautiful accessories go a long way.

Two of Swifts’ favorite picks: Raven Kaufman’s line of clutches, so arresting no one is going to notice you’ve gained a little weight! And Gabrielle Augustini’s gorgeous silk scarves, to drape around your neck or hair.

“Bottom line: You don’t want to throw in the towel when you’re pregnant,” says Swift. “In fact, it’s really about making a little extra effort to feel pretty, since you might feel big and not-so-pretty. “

To help you on your way to fabulously rocking your baby bump, check out our list of the best baby bump products for pregnant single moms.

Bonnie Marcus & Co. Flip Flops,  with their white polka dots and pink (or blue) and black color combo will have any pregnant single mom expecting in style. But what really makes them a must-have is their sculpted arch for added support and the text embroidered on pink ribbon: “Mom-to-be”. $31.95. Bonnie Marcus while you’re browsing this stylish site you might want check out their Peek-a-boo Mom Note Pad and their chic stationary printed on recycled paper, containing 30% post consumer waste fiber. A portion of the proceeds from their sale is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Brush2Go  is a mineral powder that quickly and easily dispenses through a luxuriously soft, refillable brush and is perfect for expectant moms who want a healthy, no-nonsense makeup routine. These 100% pure minerals impart a, natural radiance that feels weightless, flawlessly covers, and provides natural SPF 20 protection and its anti-inflammatory ingredients help soothe pregnant sensitive and irritated skin. Brush2Go also has a line of blushers, bronzers and tinted lip balms. $55. Brush2Go.

Mommy Trends T-Shirts  hip, stretchy maternity t-shirts with their flirty expressions – like “Big & Beautiful” and “Hot and Heavy” splashed across the tees celebrate pregnancy and are must-haves for glowing moms-to-be everywhere. will let to let everyone know you’re pregnant and lovin’ it! $36, Mommy Trends.




Glow Mama is a tasty nutritious kiwi juice is packed with the essential pre and post-natal vitamins, including fiber and folic acid, and was developed for and by moms. Glow Mama is completely natural, contains no artificial sweeteners, is low calorie, and is endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association. Drink to Glow, $11.95 for 6 bottles, $21.95 for 12 bottles.


I’m Thankful Journal: Raising a child on one’s own is rewarding, but emotionally draining. The I’m Thankful Journal will remind moms all there is to be thankful for. $17.95, I’m Thankful





RUVACards are one-of-a-kind birth announcements that print  your personal sentiments on their gorgeous designs  so that you can announce your little one’s arrival in a completely customized style! $1 to $3.  RUVACards.


BabyPlus® This prenatal education system is designed as a fannie pack, for the mother to wear twice a day; an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, and can be introduced to the fetus as early as 18 weeks.


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