Single Mommy Needs a Makeover with Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy

By Melissa Chapman

Christopher Hopkins, aka, the Makeover guy, doesn’t see single moms for who they should be, rather, for who they can be.

“I love the process and creation of physical beauty,” says Hopkins author of the book, Staging Your Comeback, and owner of the Uptown Minneapolis reVamp! Salon spa, who has styled celebrities like Hillary Clinton and staged makeovers for the Oprah Winfrey Show. “I’m about helping that woman who has let her self-expression take a back seat to everyone else realize her ultimate image.”

Mr. Hopkins, who was raised by a strong mom from whom he continues to draw his inspiration, gives Single Minded Moms a peek into his book which he knows will especially appeal to single moms.

“I never once saw her looking anything but put together; even today at 67 my Mom’s a knock out,” says Hopkins. “It’s not from genetics; it’s from making the effort. A little effort every day sends a big message to your children that you care even when, sometimes, you don’t. Inspire them with your power of pretty.”

Whereas most self-help beauty books offer impractical “sound bite” hype, Staging Your Comeback teaches women how to age beautifully rather than by default.

SMM: What are some basic makeup techniques that single moms can employ to refresh their face? What essential products must be in one’s makeup bag?

Christopher: For busy single moms, I’d say lipstick that lasts is a godsend. When life is busy you want to put it on and be done with it, without having to constantly re-apply. While there isn’t a product that truly lasts all day, instead of slapping on a lip gloss and hoping it lasts try this application technique:

  1. Apply lip balm and blot. Put it on before you do the rest of your face so it has time to sink in.
  2. Line your lips and fill in the entire lip with lip liner.This gives a base, or primer, so as lip color fades, you still have lips.
  3. Apply a think layer of lip-color and blot with a tissue. Crème lipsticks tend to achieve the best balance between too matte and too gooey.
  4. Powder.
  5. Reapply a thin layer of lipstick and blot.This is like painting any surface. Two thin layers will look better and last longer than one thick layer.
  6. Dab a small bit of lip gloss or lip balm in the middle lower lip and press lips together lightly. This is where you get your shine, while having the rest of the lips stay in place for hours.

For all your essentials, just think “BLEWPTICK.” Blush, Lipstick, Eyeliner, Wallet, Powder, Tissues, I.D. Cell Phone and Keys.

SMM: Any non-surgical techniques to decrease wrinkles, crows feet and tighten jowls?

Christopher: Unfortunately, nothing you apply is going to do all that or I’d be stocked with it! However, wearing a look that has a softer lip color with concentration on the eyes is often more youthful. By drawing focus to your eyes with makeup that is crisp and neat the focus shifts away from wrinkles and sagging.

SMM: How important is hair length, color and cut?

Christopher: Length is relative to what flatters and feels good. Often it’s handy to have longer hair that can be pulled back in a flash. But if you are starting to look like the mom who doesn’t care, a fresh cut and color might just be the ticket to a fresh perspective. In a nutshell, the right haircut is one that:

  1. Reflects who you are
  2. Balances your face, head and body proportionately
  3. Fits your lifestyle and styling ability
  4. Looks effortless
  5. Holds its shape for four to six weeks.

SMM: What about spring wardrobe; are there any slimming styles that are sexy, age-appropriate clothes that will imbue women with that va-va-voom factor?

Christopher: I do recommend knowing your body type and grabbing the latest trends that fit your body type. But if they don’t, just say no. Be patient, your trend will come in soon enough. You can go to my website and take a look.

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