Single Mom’s Back to School Guide

By Allison O'Connor

back to school guide

Here on the Single Moms channel we know that with the start of every new school year comes the back to school stress that can affect the entire family. So, this year we have compiled a back to school guide — a series of tips and advice from a variety of contributors who know the routine…other moms. This guide will help you and your families make a smooth transition from those glorious, lazy days of summer to the scheduled routines of a new school year.

In Help Your Kids Buck down for a New School Year, you’ll get some great advice on how to establish a new routine from the first day of school that will keep everyone on schedule. Tip: Organize as much as you can the night before.

Every single mom knows that time is of the essence during the week and cooking nutritious meals can be a challenge, especially with the lure of fast food restaurants. In Back to School Quick and Healthy Meals, you’ll find user friendly tips and a new line of healthy, frozen meals for children. Tip: Stock up on frozen veggies and fruits.

Did you know that according to the National Sleep Foundation, about 30 percent of school-age children have trouble waking up? Not surprising after a summer of sleeping in. The task of getting youngsters and teenagers out of bed for school–and back into a morning routine–can make the beginning of school even more stressful. In Tips to Eliminate the School Morning Rush, Bonnie Harris shares some strategies to help make mornings less about fighting, whining and crying and more about happily gearing up for a day at school. Tip: Start the day with smiles and hugs!

Packing nutritious and delicious school lunches will keep your kids energy level soaring all afternoon. But sometimes getting beyond PB&J is not easy. In Healthy Lunches for Kids, SMW contributor Jessica Pegis has a few delicious and nutritious alternatives to the tried and true school lunch that may even entice you to brown bag it to work. Tip: When choosing a cereal bar as a snack or lunch desert, make sure the total sugar count is 7 g or under. And, don’t forget to pack a water bottle.

Dreading the nightly tug of war over homework? In How to Stay on Top of Your Kids and Their Homework, you’ll discover new ways to gently motivate your children to start and finish their school assignments. Tip: Remove those pesky distractions like the TV, computer, text messaging, etc., until homework is completed.

Lastly, if you’re still shopping for back to school supplies, check out Office Max. Not only are the prices great, but their new, colorful line of school supplies will appeal to kids of all ages.

Here’s to the start of a wonderful new school year!


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