Single Moms Get Organized for School

By Allison O'Connor

messy deskOkay, the kids are ready for school, but what about you? Busy single moms know that home organization is the key to a smooth start of a new school year. So, we’ve asked our team of single moms to provide us with a list of ways to get organized for school before the first day. I’ll bet if you try at least one or two of these tips, you will find your mornings are a lot less stressful. Let us know what you think!

Here are 10 organization tips to keep you on track all school year long:

1. Start with a clean slate and de-clutter. Clean off countertops, tabletops, desktops and other drop off areas before the start of school.

2. Designate separate drop-off spots for keys, backpacks, sneakers, mail, etc. and stick with it. This way, everyone will know where their stuff is at all times. This will also save time in the morning searching for critical items such as keys.

3. Set up “in” and “out” boxes for mail, school paperwork like permission slips and other urgent messages that needs immediate attention.

4. If you have elementary school children, find a place to store school work and projects that your children are proud of and that you’d like to save. A large plastic bin will fit many of the poster size projects and treasured artwork. One single mom uses an old pizza box that she stores on a shelf in the garage.

5. Organize as much as you can the night before (pack backpacks, make lunches, parcel out snacks, set out lunch money, review homework, sign parent slips, etc.). You’ll be surprised at how much time and stress you’ve saved if all you need to do is get the kids fed and dressed in the morning.

6. Hang a new wall calendar and mark off all important dates (back to school, doctor appointments, after school activities, carpool duties, etc.). We found some fun new school calendars at Amazon that include stickers for every possible school activity you can imagine. There is even sections to write down important school phone numbers and email addresses.

7. Use a bulletin board to tack up all important school activities, announcements, and emergency phone numbers. This is also a great place to showcase your younger children’s article work or a special project. Aaron Brothers has some inexpensive framed bulletin boards that will look nice on any wall.

8. Make all dentist and medical appointments. If you haven’t made yours and your kids’ dentist and medical appointments – now’s the time. Pediatricians and schools are bracing for a heavy flu season, so get check-ups scheduled before your kids get sick.

9. Clean out closets and dressers to make room for fall and winter clothes. In some parts of the country, summer is still in full swing, but it’s not too early to go through last year’s school clothes to see what still fits and what needs to be replaced.

10. Make a pile for Goodwill or other charities. This year has been especially hard for many families. Your unwanted clothes and other household items may help other families in need.

Now, take a deep breath and breathe. A new school year means new challenges and experiences for you and your kids. Make it a great year!


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