SMM Editor’s Pick: Get Organized with the WeekDate Calendar

By Allison O'Connor

If you still use a paper calendar to write down all your appointments and kid’s activities, then you need to check out WeekDate®. It’s a wonderful high-tech calendar for those who love paper planners.
It’s likely you’ve been in this situation before: you’re holding the phone between your ear and shoulder, a child on one arm, and your calendar in the other hand when the voice on the phone tells you that your monthly sales meeting, Johnny’s weekly tae kwon do, or your weekly yoga grouphas been moved to another day of the week. While some scramble through each week or month to make the change, the smart person has a WeekDate® calendar… makes the change once and Voila! – done for the year. WeekDate takes the stress out of everyday life.

The patent pending WeekDate works in layers, so you can see months, weeks, and specific details all at once. And what’s really great is that you only have to write repeating events (like your weekly bball night) one time. Only Write It Once.®

WeekDate would love to be featured. It’s different, practical, and the timing is just right to give someone the gift of organization. We offer the WeekDate Weekly Planner that is portable enough to carry in your purse or briefcase, or WeekDate Hits the Wall Monthly Calendar that hangs out in a prominent place in your home. Enclosed in a protective vinyl cover, WeekDate is available at for $34.95.

Find more information at our website at We can be contacted at 864-243-9776.
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