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By Allison O'Connor

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, prompting millions of people to hit the stores in search of that perfect kid-friendly gift. But how do you know you’re getting the right gift for your child? What you think is the must-have item for your son or daughter, may not be what she wants.

This holiday season, parents don’t need to fret about where or how to find the right gift for their kids. KidZui, The Internet for Kids, has its finger on the pulse of exactly what kids want this year. KidZui lets kids ages 3-12 rate content with tags like cool, lame, best, worst and yummy. Now kids can tag content with a Wish List tag, helping parents identify what their children are interested in.

Did you know that the Barbie Jam Keyboard is the most popular item on the KidZui Wish List for kids 6 and under? The ever popular Bratz dolls didn’t even make the lists. iPod nanos are the number one item for both boys and girls 7 and older. Kung Fu Panda wasn’t just a hit at the Box Office, it came in at number 5 for boys 7 and older.

More than 21,000 Wish List tags have been placed on KidZui and the results are in. Following are the top five tagged items voted on by kids and broken down by age and gender that will help you get your child the perfect gift this year. 

Kids 6 and under: 5,907 tags
1. Barbie Jam Keyboard – 27%
2. Ultra Magnus Transformer – 24%
3. 2008 Holiday Barbie Doll – 22%
4. I Teddy Plush – 14%
5. Webkinz Panda with Trading Cards – 13%

Girls 7 and over: 9,429 tags
1. iPod nano – 35%
2. Taylor Swift “Fearless” CD – 18%
3. Tinker Bell DVD – 16%
4. Hannah Montana Glitter Studio – 16%
5. Jonas Brothers “Jonas Brothers” CD (first CD released Aug. 2007) – 15%

Boys 7 and over: 4,876 tags
1. iPod nano – 37%
2. Lego Batman Videogame for Xbox 360 – 26%
3. WALL·E DVD – 16%
4. Ultra Magnus Transformer – 13%
5. Kung Fu Panda DVD – 8%

About KidZui
Designed for kids ages 3-12, KidZui is a revolutionary new browser and service that offers youngsters the full wondrousness of the Internet, giving them access to over 1.5 million parent- and teacher-approved websites, videos, games, and pictures, as well as completely safe social networking features.

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