SMW Editor’s Pick: Rattled!

By Allison O'Connor

rattled2Rattled! A Memoir by Christine Coppa is a  must read for single moms! Funny, witty and brutally honest. Christine is an engaging writer who has your attention from the fist sentence.

About Rattled!

Christine Coppa was twenty-six years old living, the life she’d always dreamed of – a NYC apartment with two Craigslist roommates, a great job at a top women’s magazine, Sunday brunches with the girls, must-have handbags, overpriced cocktails, and even a cute guy. But then her picture-perfect life was RATTLED! when she found herself accidentally pregnant by said cute guy, whom she’d only been dating for three months. The next thing you know, he bails leaving Christine to wonder, what now?

Drawing on resrves she didn’t even know she had, Christine makes the brave decision to keep the baby and raise him herself. With much humor, courage, and honesty Christine recounts the trials and tribulations of her unexpected pregnancy and her struggles to figure out just how to fit a baby into her cosmo-drinking lifestyle.

Christine is an inspiration to single mothers everywhere and to anyone who has ever been handed a life-altering curve ball.

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About the Author
Christine Coppa is a freelance writer and author of the blog , Storked! She lives in New Joersey with her son, Jack Domenic.

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