Healthy Snacks Single Moms Will Feel Good Feeding Their Kids

By SMW Staff

Healthy Snacks For Kids At SchoolIn a perfect world we’d love to be able to fill our kids’ lunch bags with fresh fruit and vegetables, but unfortunately, if you’ve got a typical child, getting them to take a few bites of an apple can often be a herculean task in and of itself. So what’s a mother to do? Check out HomeFree Treats — they are perfect healthy snacks for kids at school.

HomeFree cookies are about safety, taste, health, and inclusiveness. Most of their cookies are now gluten free.  Their Vanilla Minis, which are free of the top 8 allergens and gluten, recently won a Best Snack Award from Shape Magazine for being such a delicious and healthy choice. talked to Jill Robbins, PhD, a clinical psychologist, self-taught baker, author of Allergen Free Baking: Baked Treats for All Occasions and president and founder of HomeFree, the manufacturer of organic, ready-to-eat, whole grain cookies and coffee cakes.

SMW: Tell us a little bit about your new line of treats; how did you come up with the concept for this particular line?

Jill: Almost anywhere you go, including most social occasions, baked treats are served, and the social experience is partly about enjoying the treats together. I started this company as the mom of a child with food allergies, and as a psychologist, so children like mine can be included when treats are served.    First I was baking for my son, then for other children in town. This evolved into my baking cookbook, “Allergen Free Baking: Baked Treats for All Occasions.” But not everyone has time to bake, and families with and without allergies want to be able to find inclusive snacks at the grocery store, so I started to produce organic cookies and coffee cakes. We have a dedicated bakery where we manufacture baked treats free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy, and most people with wheat and soy allergies can enjoy them as well.

Our treats are also certified organic, kosher pareve and whole grain, and contain no cholesterol or trans fat.  With our products, people with and without special dietary needs can enjoy the same delicious treats together.

SMW: How will feeding their kids these snacks give single moms a little peace of mind- what makes them so different from all the other frozen foods in the market right now?

Jill: Single moms handle so many tasks that time can be especially tight, especially if shopping with children. Our packages have a large, easy to read “peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, and dairy free” right along the top of the box, and say “made in a dedicated bakery” on the box front as well.

With our boxes, single moms shopping to feed children with food allergies won’t have to stop to read the ingredients and allergen warnings in little writing on the back of the boxes, and won’t have to call the facility to check on manufacturing practices before feeding their children.

Whether shopping for their own children, or for a classroom party, they can pick up the box and know these are “treats you can trust.”   Single moms can feel great knowing that with each serving, they are feeding their children at least ½ serving of whole grain out of the 3 recommended daily servings.

And the kids won’t even notice.  And HomeFree treats never contain trans fat or cholesterol, and they are certified organic.

SMW: What are your tips for single moms, in terms of helping them make sure they’re feeding their kids, snacks? What are some quick simple tips they can start doing today?

Jill: For quick easy shopping selections, single moms can watch for certifications now on some packages. For example, the Whole Grain Council has a gold and black logo (on the sides of our boxes) certifying that a product is a good or excellent source of whole grain. The American Heart Association has a heart healthy symbol.

And some markets have their own systems for directing shoppers to healthful food choices.  Of course, there’s nothing for nutrition like a piece of fruit – let your kids select the fruit at the store and they’ll be more likely to eat it! But kids want to eat sweet treats too like everyone else. For these, Moms can seek out tasty choices that are wholesome too.

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