Sniffle Buddies

By Allison O'Connor

sniffle buddies2Eco friendly Sniffle Buddies® has come along just at the right time. With the cold and flu season in full swing, this is a must-have product for every mom with a toddler and/or young child.

If you’re like most moms with young children, getting them to wipe their nose on a tissue is tantamount to getting them to make their beds. But now, there’s a great new product called Sniffle Buddies® made from 70% Organic bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, and 2% poly that kids wear on their wrist when they have a runny nose.

Sniffle Buddies® contains antibacterial & anti-fungal properties that are documented to last thru 50 washings. And…best of all… kids actually use them consistently and adults find them handy too for sports and allergies! Price: $9.99 plus tax.

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