Summertime Staycations for Single Moms and Their Kids

By Melissa Chapman

Every single mom can attest to the fact that between soccer practice, carpools, countless loads of laundry and dirty dishes just keeping up can be a challenge. But it’s also important that single moms make it their priority to set aside some one-on-one face-time with their kids.
If you’re a  single mom looking to schedule some last minute summer family fun without paying a hefty price at the pump, you should consider embarking on a staycation with your kids, especially before the school year gets into full swing.
Check out these ideas from Kathy Peel, Lloyd’s Barbeque Company Family Manager, for simple and cost-effective ways  to plan fun staycations that will truly feel like a vacation; a break from the daily treadmill of single mom life!
Play tourist. Just like you would research things to do at any vacation spot, do some online research about activities and outing ideas in your area. Decide how many you can work into your budget and schedule, and put staycation days on your calendar.
Put a different spin on the usual. If you decide to spend a staycation day at an amusement park, visit one you’ve never been to before. After a picnic at a park, turn an ordinary walk into an alphabet hunt. Help your youngsters find things that begin with “A”, then “B”, and so on.
Take photos. Don’t forget to save the memories just like you would on vacation away from home.
Turn an ordinary weekend into a holiday at home. Choose a weekend and put it on the calendar. Stock up on easy-to-prepare foods. Keep chores and cooking to a minimum. Make a list of fun activities and gather the items you’ll need in one place.
Team up. Coordinate with another mom with similar age kids, pack a picnic lunch and swimming gear, and head for a local water park.
Give yourself permission to relax. Don’t fall prey to free-floating guilt that says you should be working or doing something more useful, or that you shouldn’t be having such a good time.
Treat yourself. Schedule a couple of hours to do something just for you during your staycation. Get a massage, take a tennis lesson or schedule a pedicure. Trade babysitting with a friend who would like to do the same.
Plan for free time. Don’t schedule every minute of your staycation.
Laugh at obstacles and mishaps. Don’t let things like long lines and flat tires flatten your fun.
Get some exercise on your staycation. Aim for a good balance between rest and activity.
The bottom line: Consider taking a vacation from something which can be truly restoring, even if it’s only for twenty-four hours. For example, as a family, decide that you’re going to take a vacation from complaining or making any negative comments for twenty-four hours. Ulitmately, even a vacation from television and/or the phone can help clear your mind and bring you closer to the ones you love. 


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