The Economic Blues and Children

By Paula Santonocito

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

And here are some don’ts:

– Don’t blame yourself for your situation.

Your children will be fearful if they think you are incompetent.

– Don’t blame other people.

Saying your boss didn’t like you will cast you in a bad light in your children’s eyes.

– Don’t brush off questions they may have about your employment situation or how it affects their lives.

Honest answers are best.

– Don’t share a plan that will impact their lives until it’s definitive.

For example, saying, “I applied for a great job, but we may have to move if I get it” will create unnecessary stress. You may not get the job. Wait until the situation materializes.

Admittedly, the economic blues may still occasionally cloud your family’s days. However, as long as you are aware that your employment and financial circumstances affect your children, and you take appropriate steps to help them understand what’s happening, everyone should be better equipped to weather tough times.

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