The Girl I Used To Know by Marla Majewski

By SMW Staff

The Girl I Used To Know by Marla MajewskiIn a rut? Feel like you have too many things to do, but none of it includes anything for you? Get motivated and learn how to put personal priority back on your to-do list and create an inspired plan to reach your goals and dreams. In The Girl I Used To Know, Marla Majewski provides practical tools to get you back to feeling like the girl you used to know before kids, marriage, and life took over.

About the author
Marla Majewski is the founder of Inspire Empire Co. and creator of the Inspire Empire ten-week motivational program.  Using the power of her personal Inspire Empire she began to reach out to thousands of women looking for tools to get out of a rut and into a positive, more productive space in their lives. Through her work as a Life Coach, motivational speaker and writer, she has used her messages to bring positive change to her clients, audiences and readers.  Marla provides advice on ways to motivate women.

Inspire Empire brings a community of women together who are all struggling with the challenge of creating and maintaining inspirational momentum while also raising a family, pursuing a career and staying healthy and happy.

It provides practical tools to help women become better at fitting personal priorities into their hectic lifestyle. It puts people – with the common mindset of wanting to make their life better – together.

Inspire Empire improves women’s lives by changing a woman’s perceptions about her goals and dreams – moving them from impossible grandiosities to achievable possibilities.

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