The World Almanac for Kids 2012 ~ Free Book Giveaway!

By SMW Staff

The World Almanac for Kids 2012More than ever, kids today crave fun, exciting, and relevant information—and The World Almanac® for Kids 2012 delivers. And here’s your chance to get one for your favorite kid for free!

The World Almanac® for Kids 2012 includes:

  • Faces and Places: Huge full-color photographs.
  • Animals: Explore animals on a scientific level, from endangered species to creatures of the deep.
  • Environment: A brand-new section on “Living Green.”
  • Games: Check out the top-selling video games of all times.
  • Military: Information on historical wars and military innovations civilians use every day.
  • Movies and TV: Fun facts about this year’s most popular movies and TV shows.
  • Music and Dance: Get the inside scoop on the year’s hottest acts.
  • Nations: Interesting facts and trivia about every country in the world.
  • Population: Results from the 2010 census.
  • Sports: Coverage of kids’ favorite teams, athletes, and sports.
  • Technology and Computers: New advice on the best ways to avoid cyberbullying and stay safe online.
  • United States: Information about the 50 states.


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About The World Almanac:
The World Almanac® is part of Infobase Learning, an educational media company that owns such well-known brands as Facts On File, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Cambridge Educational, Chelsea House, Bloom’s, Ferguson’s, Meridian Education, and Shopware.

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