Top Five Ways to Be Green this Holiday Season

By SMW Staff

You probably already know that you should buy rechargeable batteries for gifts that require them. You also know to set your indoor and outdoor holiday lights on a timer to conserve energy costs.  Sharon Rowe, founder of, the original reusable bag company, has put together a few extra tips to keep it green this holiday season in more ways than one.

1.      Create a “Traveling Wine Bag.” If you’re giving a bottle of wine, package it in a plain reusable wine tote and include a Sharpie®. Write a message to the host, a wine review or a comment that then goes on to the next recipient of the bag.

2.      BYOB and we don’t mean beer. Every time you head off to the mall or to your favorite local stores, forego the great big shopping bags and bring your own reusable bags. Most retailers love this! You’ll be surprised how many people will support your eco-conscious endeavors. Just make sure to keep your receipts accessible.

3.      Convert just one. You likely have a holiday list a mile long and often times very specific.  Grandpa wants a new pair of slippers. Your bestie wants a new hat and scarf. But consider a “green” Christmas gift for those few people on your list where your options are open. It could be a BPA-free stainless steel water bottle, a set of reusable produce bags or an environmental book. Either way, take the opportunity to convert just one.

4.      Set a new ecorule for the holidays. You’ll have the New Year to swear away all of your vices. As a family, create your own eco rule for the holiday season; the season that brings the most joy, but also the most waste. It could be as simple as not using plastic utensils at your holiday parties or using the paper from the shredder versus tissue paper in your gift bags and postal packages. Brainstorm with your family and see what ideas come up!

5.      Say thanks by educating and paying it forward. An ECOBAGS® customer purchased the reusable gift bags with the word “Celebrate” to thank her business colleagues for a banner year. She wrote a note telling them to use the bags to tote their work lunch or to pay it forward and use the bags to wrap a loved one’s gift.  You can show appreciation and send a message at the same time now that “re-gifting” is cool.

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