Top Travel Gadgets and Products For Single Moms

By Allison O'Connor

BodyGuard Survivor 2-in-1 Self-Powered Survival Tool

As a single mom traveling alone with kids, you can never be too safe. This product is a must-have for every home, car, briefcase, bag or suitcase!

The BodyGuard 2-1 Self Powered Survival Tool comes with an ultra-bright LED flashlight that has both high and low beams. The red LED emergency flashers help attract attention when you need assistance and the panic button activates a piercing 130-decibel sonic alarm.

Great for staying safe when you sleep in an unfamiliar place—just hang the device from the doorknob, and in case of intruder, the motion sensor activates the sonic alarm and emergency flashers.

Also includes an oil-filled, long-life compass, signaling mirror, low voltage output for charging cell phones and a storage compartment for pills, matches, etc. Unit stands up on its own and features recessed buttons to prevent accidental activation. Also has a digital FM radio with a built-in-speaker and telescoping antenna. On sale now at for $29.99