Virtual Theme Park: Wonder Rotunda

By Allison O'Connor

Logo_blue3Moms, we road tested an exciting new vitural theme park for kids called Wonder Rotunda.

Not only is this site a blast for kids but it’s educational too. The SMW test drivers were between the ages of 7 and 10 and spent several hours exploring rain forests, the human body, the U.S. governement and even music.

As a mom, I appreciated the fact that there were no commericals or products to buy and that the kids were actually learning something rather than just playing a game.  By the way, sometimes the best things in life are not free. There is a minimal admission price that is good all year long. We think it’s worth the investment and give this product two thumbs up! 

Here’s more information on Wonder Rotunda:

The Wonder Rotunda is an alternative to typical kid websites today. The Park is not a social network and is completely free of ads and commercials. It’s designed for children as young as 6 and as old as 12; although it’s fun for adults too and produced to encourage parental involvement.

Set on an island in New York Harbor, kids have the option of selecting the adventures that interest them most, and probing deeply to explore further. The Wonder Rotunda features fifteen interactive and animated adventures covering an array of topics including tropical rainforests, African wildlife, marine life, the human body, money and business, American government, nutrition, film making, classical music, performing arts, space exploration and more.

From a thrilling expedition to the North Pole to a submarine ride through the human digestive system or a hot air balloon to the African Safari, each Wonder Rotunda adventure takes 15-25 minutes to experience.

With the Park’s interactive adventures, kids can take an expedition to the Polar Cap or learn how to manage a smoothie stand. They can ride a healthy-eating super-coaster to learn about nutrition or get an inside look at how movies are made. The Wonder Rotunda also features 13 different “TV Game Shows” that kids can appear on before a “live audience” to answer questions about the information they have learned on the Park’s adventures. There are more than 400 questions among the 13 games.

Kids also must find hidden gold coins in each of the adventures, and keep energized by making healthy eating choices at the Park’s 12 food stands.

A one year unlimited access pass to the Park is $45. Passes can be renewed annually for $35.


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