Best Actress Academy Awards Nominees: Annette Bening

By SMW Staff

This Sunday, five women will get a shot of Oscar gold. They are all more than ready for their close-ups, as you’ll see from their profiles, here:

Annette Bening, born in Kansas, and raised in San Francisco, has been a well known face and name to film goers since she came to the public’s attention in the 1990 film, The Grifters, for which she received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.

Now at age 52, with three more Oscar nods to her stellar career, this drama graduate of San Francisco State University and the American Conservatory Theatre is widely expected to bring Oscar home with her Sunday night.

In The Kids Are All Right, Bening plays one half of a lesbian couple (the other half being Julianne Moore) whose initial wariness over their children’s search for their sperm donor (Mark Raffalo) proves prescient when his presence threatens their seemingly perfect family life.