Adopting a Pet From a Shelter

By SMW Staff

If you are a single women and seriously thinking about adopting a pet,  we hope you will consider one of the millions of animals in shelters, pounds and other temporary housing.

The economic recession has had a devastating effect on the number of family pets that have been abandoned. Shelters are reporting an abundance of animals that need a home now.  So, before you contact a breeder, check out your local shelter first. Chances are the perfect pet is sitting at your local animal shelter waiting for you. has provided some tips to help you in your search for the perfect pet.

Misconceptions about animals from shelters

Many people who are considering pet adoption are not aware of how many pets are available at shelters. They might also have the misconception that pets in shelters may be there because there was a problem with the animal. In fact, most pets end up in shelters not because of a behavioral problem , but because an owner died, moved, or simply didn’t have the time or money to care for the animal. In some cases animals are lost and never found by their owners. Many of these animals are healthy and very eager to please. Rescue pets are wonderful- just ask anyone who has one.

Purebreds are found in shelters too

Some people are seeking purebred animals or puppies and think these are not available in shelters. In fact, nearly a quarter of all animals in shelters are purebred. Often someone buys an expensive purebred animal and then attempts to breed that animal to recoup their money. Many times these puppies or kittens are not placed in homes, and end up in shelters too.


Many websites such as enables a would-be pet owner to conduct an extensive search on pets living in temporary shelters in their area without leaving the comfort of their home. Many sites include pictures and descriptions of the animals as well as additional information on the breed.

The most important things a potential adopter should consider when choosing their new pet

1. Commitment: You need to be absolutely sure you are ready and able to care for your pet for its entire life.

2. Verify in advance that you’re allowed to keep a pet where you live.

3. Never adopt a pet on a whim or because you feel it’s love-at-first-sight. This is a decision that should be considering carefully and thoughtfully. Remember, you will now be responsible for another life.

4. Be prepared to provide sufficient exercise and stimulation during the first few weeks to help your pet adjust to its new home.

5. Safety: Make any necessary modifications to your yard and fence before you bring your new pet home.

6. Expenses: Owning a pet costs money. Make sure you have money in the budget for food, annual exams, vaccinations, medications and an occasional toy.

7. Children: Adopting a pet can teach your children about the value of life, civic responsibility and even recycling- in this case recycling a living and loving animal into a new home.

8. Health: Choosing a mixed breed animal can help avoid many of the genetic health problems that have developed in purebred animal due over breeding and inbreeding.

If you are unable to adopt a pet but would still like to help the many pets living in temporary shelters, visit and learn how you can get involved to help save a four-legged life. is a non-profit pet adoption charity that helps shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies advertise their homeless pets to adopters for free. We’re all about getting homeless pets into homes.

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