Are All Politicians Pigs?

By Josie Brown

Sorry, I’m over it.

Look, I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican: if you’re in public office, zip it up and keep it that way.

It doesn’t matter to me if you’re into cougars or jail bait. I don’t care if you’re personal peccadilloes would make a Castro Street tranny blush.

Why? Because “personal” is the operative word here.

Forget Bill Clinton’s bimbo eruptions. Democratic New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s TwitPics of his private parts to a myriad of women is just the latest in a tsunami of Pols Behaving Badly. Here’s a rundown on other vote winners who have proven to be emotional losers:

Arnold Schwarzenneger (Republican): The former governor of California had been accused of groping onset co-workers years before he got into office. His wife, Kennedy family member Maria Shriver, did what every good Kennedy woman does: looked the other way and pretended it never happen. If we gave her brownie points for leaving him when the news of his love child with one of their domestic staff workers was recently announced, we’d have to take it away for her timing: just a few months after he left office. Really, Maria, you’re going to pretend you didn’t know?

John Edwards (Democrat): The former senator and presidential nominee’s  affair with a campaign staffed also resulted baby. He’s now under indictment for allegedly using campaign funds to cover up his  His denial was short-lived, and he ultimately found himself estranged from his wife, Elizabeth, who died in 2010.

John Ensign (Republican) – In May, the Senate Ethics Committee announced the appointment of a special counsel to assist in its inquiry of this recently resigned Nevada senator regarding his extramarital affair with a former staffer, and alleged attempts to cover it up.

Eric Massa (Democrat) – This former New York congressman is facing allegations of groping his male staffers.

Mark Sanford (Republican) – South Carolina’s former governor claimed to be hiking in his state when in fact he was visiting his long-time mistress in Argentina.

Chris Lee (Republican) – Add this guy to the list of New York congressmen who like to undress for their cell phone cameras. Well, at least he wasn’t dumb enough to Tweet it up…

I know, I know: Too much information too much information too much information….

Ya think?

Hey, I could go on and on and on. Will we ever forget the public restroom escapades of former Idaho Republican congressman Larry Craig, or the under-age pandering of Florida Republican congressman  Mark Foley, or the call girl calamity of former New York Democratic governor Eliot Spitzer?

Will the fun never cease?

And the year is still young. Heck, it ain’t even the fourth of July. We still have another half of the year to go. I’m sorry to say there is no reason for Ol’ Glory to wave proudly amid all these scandals.

This onslaught of salaciousness gives a whole new meaning to the term “half staff.”

All of this gives us yet another reason to elect more women. Unlike men who think with their (little) heads, we think with our hearts.


Josie Brown
is’s Relationships Channel Editor. Her recent novels , Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives and The Baby Planner, are  in bookstores now.

She’s just release The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook. You can read an excerpt here…

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