Books and Bonbons: BODY MOVERS: 5 BODIES TO DIE FOR by Stephanie Bond

By SMW Staff

5bodiesv300And the body count keeps rising…

Like all of Atlanta, Carlotta Wren is caught up in the terror of the Charmed Killer, whose gruesome signature is placing a charm in the mouth of each female victim.  Carlotta’s body-moving sideline gives her a front row seat to the aftermath of the murders—and to the escalating danger.

And then for her own safety, she takes refuge in her boyfriend Peter’s house—much to the chagrin of other interested parties…

And then her brother Wesley begins to behave as if he has his own death wish…

And then someone close to her is implicated in the mass murders…

Meanwhile, Carlotta can’t shake the foreboding sense of danger dogging her seemingly cursed family…and is starting to suspect that this serial killer is getting personal.


“Going somewhere?” Jack asked, gesturing to the suitcases on Carlotta’s bed.

She folded a pair of red lace panties and set them on top of the pile of clothes.  “Peter invited me to stay with him for a while, and I accepted.”

Jack picked up the red panties between thumb and finger to study them.  “You’re moving in with Ashford?”

“No,” she corrected, still folding underwear.  “I’m staying with Peter until things settle down around here.”

“Until I catch The Charmed Killer?”

She nodded.

Jack pursed his mouth.  “I understand, and I think it’s a good idea.”

She gave a little laugh.  “I thought you might since you said I should marry Peter.”

“That’s not why I think it’s a good idea.”  He brought the panties to his face.

Carlotta snatched them away.  “Then why?”

He shrugged, unfazed.  “Because I’m sure that palace of his is a fortress and you’ll be safe there.  Which means I can investigate The Charmed Killer without worrying about your pretty ass being in harm’s way.  I’m sure Ashford will keep you busy with polo matches and charity auctions at the club.”

She frowned.  “Does this mean I won’t be seeing you?”

“You’ll miss me, huh?”  Then he was suddenly serious.  “I’m liaising with the GBI and your name keeps popping up in the investigation.  We’re going to have to get you cleared, Carlotta, although this situation with Lane is a big step forward.”

“You think Michael is The Charmed Killer?”

“We’ll have to double-check the timeline, but right now, he’s the best suspect we have.”

“But Shawna Whitt was murdered before he escaped from the hospital.”

“We don’t know exactly when Lane escaped, and we still don’t know if the Whitt woman was murdered.  Since she was cremated, we may never know.”

“But the charm in her mouth—”

“Could’ve been placed there post-mortem.  Maybe Lane broke into her place and scared her so badly she had a heart attack, then he placed the charm in her mouth.  Or maybe he heard about the death and the charm after he escaped from the hospital and decided to adopt it as his signature.  Who knows how a crazy man thinks?”

Jack wet his lips.  “All I know is that thinking about Lane being here in this house with you asleep makes me a little insane.”

“But he didn’t kill me, Jack.  He had the chance, and he didn’t kill me.”

“I know,” he said, then averted his gaze.  She could tell he had his doubts about Michael being their man.  Jack looked back.  “Go to Ashford’s and lay low.  Forget the body moving business for a while.”

“But Coop—”

“Could stand to take a break himself.”

She blinked.  “So you do think something’s wrong with Coop.”

“Nothing an AA meeting can’t fix.  Don’t get caught up in Coop’s problems, darlin’, you got enough of your own.  And keep that stun baton handy.”  He wiped his hand over his mouth, trying to smother a smile.  “You got Ashford good, huh?”

“You don’t have to take so much pleasure in his pain.”

“You’re moving in with the man, let me have a little fun at his expense.”

“I’m not moving in with Peter…I’m staying at his house.”

Jack stepped closer and lifted her chin.  “In his bed?”

Carlotta’s chest tightened.  “What do you care, Jack?”

He leaned his face close to hers.  “Because it gives me that much more incentive to get The Charmed Killer off the streets.”

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Stephanie Bond has written over forty novels for publishers such as Bantam, St. Martin’s Press, and Avon/HarperCollins. She currently writes a sexy mystery series for Mira Books and romantic comedies for Harlequin Books. She is best known for writing steamy books that make readers laugh out loud. Read on to find out more about Stephanie’s childhood and how she became a writer. Visit her website at

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