Books & Bonbons: CAST THE FIRST STONE by Rebbie MacIntyre

By SMW Staff

castthefirststoneUsing a divining rod or a crystal pendulum, dowser Trini Bates can locate the unseen: underground water, buried minerals, lost valuables.Some claim she’s a wonder worker.

Others say she’s a liar, a cheat, a fake.

Trini is neither saint nor charlatan. Recently widowed, struggling with the daily demands of living in Colorado during the Great Depression, she only wants to be left alone to grieve. However, when her brother’s bootlegging partner disappears, Trini is summoned from her seclusion to dowse for his whereabouts. She finds his body at the bottom of a canyon; she’s devastated when the sheriff accuses Parn-the brother she raised after their mother’s death-with murder.

Trini admits her brother is wild and reckless, but he’s not a murderer.

And if he’s innocent, then who is guilty?

Trini’s investigation plunges her into the bloody Prohibition world of moonshine and machine guns. She discovers Sheriff George Mallis hides a secret. Before he wore a sheriff’s badge, he spearheaded the largest illegal liquor trade in Colorado-a trade that cost him the lives of his sons. Mallis blames Parn for their deaths, and Trini is terrified he will wreak his vengeance on an innocent man.

Mallis isolates his prisoner in jail. Her only link to Parn is through the chief deputy-a man willing to risk his job for Trini’s affection, a complication that rocks her fragile emotional balance. Trini bonds with the murder victim’s children, and with their help, unearths disturbing truths about her brother’s life. When her dowsing fails to find a friend’s missing daughter, Trini realizes her doubts about Parn’s innocence have sabotaged her ability. Even when the children are threatened and someone tries to kill her, her precious gift lies dormant. Somehow, Trini must reclaim her power if she’s to save the children, her brother and finally, her own life.

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