Crossed Wires by Rosy Thornton

By SMW Staff

This is the story of Mina, a girl at a Sheffield call centre whose next customer in the queue is Peter, a Cambridge geography don who has crashed his car into a tree stump when swerving to avoid a cat. Despite their obvious differences, they’ve got a lot in common — both single, both parents, both looking for love. Could it be that they’ve just found it? CROSSED WIRES is an old-fashioned fairy tale. It is about the small joys and tribulations of parenthood; about one-ness and two-ness; about symmetry and coincidence; about the things that separate us and the things that bring us together.

About the Author:
Rosy Thornton grew up in Ipswich and studied law at Cambridge University. She stayed on to do a Ph.D. and has been a lecturer there ever since. Rosy lives in a village near Cambridge with her husband, their two daughters and a springer spaniel called Treacle.

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Here’s what SMW’s Book Bloggers are saying about CROSSED WIRES:

Crossed Wires is a character driven novel about ordinary people living their lives and muddling through; it is about connections with others and how those connections can unravel through mishaps and misunderstandings; and it is about finding someone special to share one’s life with. — Caribousmom

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