Talk Naughty to Him! Here’s How

By Josie Brown

Does dirty talk turn you on?

If so, you’re not alone.

In a sex survey of over 1,000 men and women, sponsored by the adult products company Adam & Eve, 80% of those polled admitted that they’ve engaged in naughty word play during sex.

In fact,  12% of those surveyed claim thata it’s “always” a part of lovemaking,” and  33% admit that they “sometimes” engage in it.

And while 29% say they “rarely” partake, they admit that talking dirty seems to be a very acceptable part of sex.

Of the final 20% who do not partake of “dirty talk,” 18% said they “never” engage in sexy talk and 2% preferred not to answer.

No one has printed up a Dirty Talk Dictionary, but here are a few key terms that should have both of you speaking  the language of love fluently in no time:

1. Pick your time, and set the mood.
If it’s over the phone, make sure you call at a time in which he can close his door and get down to business. If it’s  face-to-face, make sure you’ve got his undivided attention. In other words, toss the remote in the fishbowl.

2. Dirty doesn’t mean nasty, but it can certainly be naughty.
Cock, or dick? Cunt, or pussy?  If it makes you gag to say something, well then don’t. Believe me, upchucking on the phone isn’t a good thing.  And if a word makes you giggle, zap it from your vocabulary. You’re doing everything you can to turn him on, not off. If he goes soft, you’ve flunked this lascivious language course.

3. Tone is everything.
If you’re voice is high and squeeky, lower it. Talk slowly, and emphasize the words that count the most.  And don’t be afraid to whisper. Anything that draws him closer to you is the point of this sexercise, right?


Josie Brown is’s Relationships Channel Editor. Her most recent novel, Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives, is in bookstores everywhere.

Her next novel, The Baby Planner, is  in bookstores now. You can read an excerpt here…

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