Duchess Digest: Fireworks Beyond the Fourth!

By Jill Brown

For all the single minded women of America this week is all about Independence Day. From cocktails next to the pool to burgers on the grill – it’s a weekend of fun in the sun celebrating with family and friends. I love a holiday that’s about food, drinking and being outside with the people you love! But just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you have to take a sabbatical from mingling. The mixers, barbecues and parties of Fourth of July weekend are a great opportunity to branch out, have fun and hey, maybe even meet someone cool. Most parties will be a big collection of all kinds of friends and friend’s of friends and family members of friends, so get out there and tap those resources, ladies!

As you head out for fun, just remember a few simple tips:

1) Avoid White. Yeah, I said it. The red, white and blue of the patriotic weekend is a color palate theme that will be everywhere – and while ordinarily I don’t consult on fashion and actually love white clothing, this is not the weekend to be donning your whites. Ketchup, mustard, dirt, messy patio furniture . . . you get the picture. You’ll have more fun and be more relaxed if you aren’t stressed out about keeping your brand new Seven For Mankind white jeans clean or not having a hamburger emergency all over your expensive Dolce button down. Dress for cute but comfortable and casual success!

2) Wear Sunblock. I know I sound like the popular spoken lyrics song of the late nineties “And don’t forget to wear sunblock . . .” but seriously don’t. Most parties will be in the sun, most will be all day and you don’t want to have a fever and third degree burns on your Monday off from the office. Bring a hat if you can and at least wear sunscreen!

3) Bring something for the party host. It’s always great etiquette to show up with food, booze or flowers (you choose your poison) for your host. Even if they say you don’t need to bring anything – everyone loves more booze or more flowers. You decide on the more food part. Be a gracious guest and show your royal breeding by coming armed with something nice to say “thanks!”

4) Beer Before Liquor – You’re an alcoholic. Okay, so I took that from someone on twitter, but still . . . there is nothing WORSE then the drunk girl at the party. Don’t be that girl. This weekend is a great chance to mingle, flirt and have fun. Don’t get trashed and end your party throwing up in a trash can or passed out on some lawn furniture. You’re going to be in the sun all day and drinking all day so be sure to moderate and have a large glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you’re consuming. Have fun – but be responsible. And for the love of God and everyone on the road if you are drinking – get a cab!

5) Chat it Up. If you don’t know many people at the parties you’re attending then now is a great chance to meet some new people. Don’t assume that just because the hot guy at the party is hot, he’s an asshole. Maybe he is. Or maybe every girl at the party thinks he’s hot and thus an asshole and he could really use someone to talk to at the moment. You’re at the same party, talk about mutual friends or the delicious coleslaw or the disgusting and offensive nature of potato salad (mayonnaise in the hot sun – ew!) but don’t miss out on a chance to at least test the waters. It could be a unique and fun chance to meet someone cool!

For these and other fun tips, be sure to check out the totally redesigned Duchess website!

-Jill Brown

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