Duchess Digest: What Would Jane Austen Do?

By SMW Staff

Jane Austen's EmmaWe are now officially entering the holiday time of year. Yes, ‘tis the season for gratitude and giving with Thanksgiving and Christmas rapidly approaching and there are always two things top of mind this time of year for single women everywhere; what am I grateful for and will I be alone this holiday season? When I was single these two thoughts were always creeping into my mind like an odd culinary fusion of fear and gratitude. And so like the Iron Chef of Love, the Duchess has come up with an ingenious pairing to share with you this holiday season. It combines one of the things I’m most grateful for (Jane Austen) with one of the things I’m an expert at (showing single women how to create their own dating and relationship success) in what may at first sound strange but will soon prove delectable.

Beginning today and continuing for the next seventeen days, I will be sharing weekly exclusive columns and videos with Single Minded Women answering the burning questions of love every modern Duchess has but in the sage wisdom of the one woman of love we all relate to, respect and collectively agree is the ultimate love expert; Jane Austen.

Yes, today begins the seventeen-day series, The Duchess Guide presents: What Would Jane Austen Do? Each day I will share a question from readers and answer the question with substantiating evidence from the love guru herself, Jane Austen. Okay, it’s the Duchess’s interpretation of Jane Austen but you get the idea. Everything from “Would Jane Austen be Facebook friends with her ex?” to “Would Jane Austen try online dating?” will be tackled and solved so you can get the best advice to get you on track for a holiday season of dating and love. And who can’t be grateful for that?

So please view this week’s Single Minded Women weekly exclusive video and our first question in the series, and be sure to check out my blog, www.theduchessguide.com every day for the next seventeen days to see my daily videos further supporting answers about what Jane Austen would do in your specific dating situation. And without further adieu . . .

The Duchess Guide Presents: What Would Jane Austen Do?

Day One: “Would Jane Austen try Online Dating?”

The answer to today’s “What Would Jane Austen Do?” question, “Would Jane Austen Try Online Dating” is yes, she would! How do you know? Because of her fabulous and fun novel Emma. I believe that Jane would try online dating based on her loveable and well-intentioned, if slightly unsuccessful heroine Emma Woodhouse. Just like online dating sites, Emma was well meaning and did her best with a good heart to prompt the experience of love and marriage with her dear friends. And just like online dating, her matches weren’t always a complete success every time. The key to Emma’s success in setting up her friends was trying and trying again and it was her lovely friend’s willingness to keep trying for Emma’s various matches which helped her navigate the waters of the ill matched Mr. Elton, Emma’s own eventual match Mr. Knightly and finally her supreme happiness with her originally intended love, the farmer Mr. Robert Martin. Another important lesson to keep in mind from Jane Austen’s Emma, is that matches are most important in the feelings and character they produce and not the “on paper” qualities you see at first glance. Emma’s dissuasion of her friend Harriett Smith to continue on with Mr. Martin at his first offer shows Ms. Austen’s opinion that the man is more important than the “on paper” stuff that you ladies can be consumed by (i.e. look outside of just tall, dark and handsome or makes a lot of money to the types of characteristics and feelings you’d like to embody your ideal relationship). Focus on the clarity of qualities and have the great attitude and willingness to date and try and there is no doubt that the Mr. Knightly or Mr. Martin of your own story will appear.

I believe Jane Austen would try online dating and I believe if it’s not something you’ve tried, that you give it a shot. If you need more help or some coaching on how to maximize your dating success, be sure to check out my new course at www.theduchessguide.com/datingsuccess.

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