His Lying Eyes: How to Read His Face

By Barbara Roberts

You sit down to dinner on a first date, your mind is racing – Is he loving? Is he a romantic? A cynic? Will he write me thoughtful notes, or will I have to fight for his affection? How well will we get along?

All of these unanswered questions can be very intimidating. We’ve all been there.

I am here to tell you that finding the answers to these questions is easier than you think. Face Reading, the ancient psychological system of understanding a person’s character from his or her facial features, can help you turn this date into a highly- accurate preview of how your relationship will play out in the long run. If you know what to look for, you can begin to fully understand him at just a glance.

In my 20 years of experience, I have read more than 6,000 faces in over 300 classes to identify specific psychological meanings for each facial feature… meanings that I will now disclose to you in hopes that you will utilize them to their full potential in finding your perfect match.

The Intimacy Quotient

Striking good looks and high-paying careers aside, intimacy plays an incredibly important role in any successful relationship. Deciding if your companion’s intimacy style is conducive to your own could save you months or even years of confusion and heartache. Of all facial features, the lips are the strongest indicator of one’s romantic character. For your convenience, I have narrowed it down to five styles of intimacy:

  1. 1. Wide, full lips, (see: President Obama) – A man with this type of mouth will be affectionate, generous and warm. Expect lots of adorable cuddling and luxurious shoulder massages.
  2. 2. Small lips, (see: Russell Crowe) – This guy’s mouth is the same width or smaller than his nose. He tends to be self-absorbed and narcissistic. If you are going to invite him up to your place, make sure your apartment is big enough for his ego, too.
  3. 3. Large lower lip, (see: Brad Pitt) – The answer to your question, ladies, is yes, he is as sensual as you are imagining. You can also take comfort in knowing your secrets are safe with this gentleman. He is an excellent listener and confidant.
  4. 4. Thin lips, (see: Christian Bale) – Remember when Mr. Bale freaked out on that guy from his movie crew? Not surprising. Thin-lipped men are terse and business-like. Be prepared to have a hard time finding this one’s gooey center.
  5. 5. Pouty lower lip, (see: Elvis Presley) – His style is as sexy as his mouth. Prepare for sultry, seductive evenings by the fire. The King wasn’t lying about that burning love.

It is important to know that not all mouths are created equally, and some can be downright dangerous. Being able to identify these kinds of lips could prevent a broken heart or worse:

  1. 1. Tight mouth, – If you see this guy clenching his teeth and flexing his jaw (the rage muscle), run, don’t walk. His tight mouth means he has underlying aggression, so steer clear.
  2. 2. Turned up corners, (a.k.a. “Joker Mouth”)There is nothing funny about this man’s tendency to be emotionally oppressive. This mouth could be a reflection of his controlled, criticized childhood. Be careful that you don’t let him project this experience onto you.

Each feature reveals a little part of his character, but remember to look at his whole face for a complete understanding; lips are just one determining factor in your compatibility with a potential mate.

The 70/30 Ratio

Facial similarities can also determine how romantically compatible two people are. If 70 percent of your features are similar to those of your companion, it is likely the relationship will be naturally harmonious. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be identical to live happily ever after. There are five levels of similarity:

  • Exact match – Both of you have blonde hair.
  • Intensity – One person has dark blue eyes and the other has dark brown eyes
  • Shape – Both partners have rounded chins.
  • Texture – You both have curly hair or thick eyebrows.
  • Radiance – You each have similar degree of warmth radiating from your eyes. (Look at this as a barometer for the soul.)

As for the other 30 percent of your characteristics, they leave room for the spark and chemistry that opposition can add to a partnership.

So now that you have this incredible dating advantage, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your dinner knowing just how compatible the two of you will be.


Barbara Roberts was co-winner of the Hewing Medical Award for Research at the UCSD School of Medicine, co-publishing abstracts and papers in OB/GYN. Using her clinical background and psychological orientation, (Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve), she developed her unique Face Reading system – the only one to honor all ethnic groups, ages and genders. She has appeared on more than 50 national and local TV shows, including the Tyra Banks Show and NBC Nightly News. Her books, “Face Reading: What Does Your Face Say?” and “Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance,” sell internationally. For more information, visit http://facereading1.com/.