Finding Emma by Steena Holmes

By Annie Horsky-McDonnell

Finding Emma by Steena HolmesThis was a story that had me on the edge of my seat, because I had intense feelings for each of the characters.  Megan and Peter have a lovely family with three children, the eldest is Hannah, the middle sister is Alexis, and the youngest is Emma.

The girls were enjoying a local carnival on Emma’s third birthday when she disappeared in the blink of an eye.  This is where the story begins.

Megan’s determination to find her daughter turns in to what her husband considers an obsession.   He feels that Megan needs to accept that their daughter is gone so that they can move forward as a couple and family with Hannah and Alexis.

But, Megan sees her daughter in every little girl, and it is beginning to cause trouble outside of the family.  When Megan believes that she sees her daughter, she directly confronts each child.  Until she sees that each child does not have her daughter’s eyes or dimples, her heart drops and she finds herself having to apologize, when all she wants to do is find her daughter.

Then the book opens up to the other side of the story.  We are introduced to Grandma Dottie and Grandpa Jack who have lost their daughter, and now have little Emma in their house as their grand-daughter.   Grandpa Jack is such a loving and doting Grandfather to Emma.  When you read about their interactions you sense that she is just as happy as she would be if she was at home with Megan and Peter.

This is where the book took a turn for me, because I did not know what the outcome would be and hearing both sides of the story was a more compassionate way to see what can happen when a child disappears.

So many people are hurt.  Megan and Peter are on the brink of divorce, Hannah blames herself for Emma’s disappearance, and Alexis feels invisible.  Emma is constantly asking for her Mother.

The question is, When will everyone’s prayers be answered!

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