Safe Sex Goes Door-to-Door with Home Delivery of Condoms

By Josie Brown

It’s always great when lovemaking is spontaneous. But what happens when the urge strikes, and you reach into the bed table drawer–only to discover you’re out of condoms?

No problem, if you live in New York City because your local deli can deliver a box of them–along with a pastrami on rye. (Or in the words of one of George Costanza’s  girlfriends on Seinfeld, “I find the pastrami to be the most sensual of all the salted cured meats.”), the nation’s leading destination for online ordering, today announced several new categories of items users can order online for quick, convenient delivery. Beginning this week, users can log on to not only to order food from restaurants and delis, but also to purchase supplies from grocery and drug stores, pet stores, florists, bakeries, and wine & liquor stores–

Including condoms.

“We are excited to announce that our site now offers same-day delivery of many local items that consumers really depend on,” said Joe Ariel, CEO of “We’re constantly adding new and diverse merchants so our users can easily purchase items that they may need in a pinch–toilet paper, diapers, over-the-counter medicine and pet food. Or items that they would prefer not to pick up in person, like condoms, beer or cigarettes.”

According to the online company, the move to expand the availability of non-food items resulted from increased consumer demand for a more diverse vendor list. Within the past six months, secured a number of new vendor partnerships with non-restaurant entities offering a broader range of personal items, home goods, and pet supplies. The number of wine and liquor stores offering delivery services via has quadrupled in recent months.

“The fact that an increased number of wine and liquor stores, grocery stores, and drug stores are eager to join the network speaks to the amount of success local merchants have had partnering with us,” said Jonathan Mark, Vice President of Marketing for “This is certainly a trend that will continue to rise over the next few years.”

Users of the site will also find:

  • Ordering options from local grocery stores, florists, bodegas and wine and liquor shops including Organic Direct, Pets on Lex, Burgundy Wine Company and Insomnia Cookies
  • Thousands of popular neighborhood restaurants including Katz’s Deli, Joe’s Pizza, Blue 9 Burger, S’Mac and 2nd Ave Deli
  • An affiliate partner program that allows loyal users to earn cash for referring new merchants and users; Affiliate partners can earn up to 50% of the commission collects per order
  • Enhanced search capabilities — users can now find neighborhood merchants by product, cuisine, delivery area, payment methods accepted, user reviews and more
  • Real-time news feed of items being ordered by New Yorkers and users across the country
  • Access to hyper-local discounts and updates on new merchants added daily
  • Rewards Points — users receive 25 points per dollar spent on any order; Points can be used to redeem gifts such as gift cards, iPods, XBOX game consoles, laptops and other cool merchandise

So, would you like some extra pickles with that?

— Josie Brown

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