Getting Married and Other Mistakes, by Barbara Slate

By SMW Staff

There is some very good reasons why Barbara Slate’s latest graphic novel is a perfect read for every single woman out there. Genre Go Round Reviews puts it succinctly:

“Using insightful jocular graphics, Getting Married and Other Mistakes is a fabulous amusing yet serious look at a woman who has ignored self-actualization by adhering to mom’s spousal mantra of perfection. Filled with pathos and humor ….”

The New York Times calls it “…emphatically of our time…” whereas Chasing Chapters says “Getting Married and Other Mistakes is both witty and poignant, and those who mistakenly pass it by on the assumption that graphic novel = comic book will be missing out on a great and often illuminating reading experience. Highly recommended”.

As for our own favorite lines, you can’t help but laugh out loud as the book’s heroine, Jo, laments that the only lullaby her mother every sang was “Here Comes the Bride”; or when Jo’s mother accosts here with printouts of men she’s approved on

Yes, we all love our mothers. But no, we don’t want them to live our lives for us. Nor must we make them happy in order to be happy ourselves. Slate’s book makes this oh so clear to readers with crisp, eye-popping graphics. She is the Roy Lichtenstein for the X, Y, and Girls generations.


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