How to Enjoy a Wedding While Single

By Nicole Passio

Going Alone to a WeddingWeddings are a time for white dresses, slow violin music, amazing cake, the Macarena  . . . and for single women to flip through their phone contacts, wondering which of the men in their life cleans up the nicest. While taking a friend can be fun, it is also empowering to face your fears and venture to the wedding without the safety net (and anchor) of a plus one. Below are a few ideas on how to have a genuinely good time when flying solo to a wedding:

  • Take advantage of the freedom of being alone. Instead of having to entertain a date, you have the freedom to network and meet new people. During such an occasion, it is absolutely appropriate to simply approach people with an outstretched hand, but there are also plenty of ice breakers for those of us who are slightly more timid. Perhaps offer the married couple your services as unofficial photographer, granting you the opportunity to introduce yourself to numerous people as you take their pictures. Opening a conversation with a compliment is always a safe bet, as both men and women have put extra effort into their appearance and will be happy to hear that someone noticed. Also consider carrying small essentials in your purse so you can offer a lending hand to those who might have forgotten their lighter or compact mirror. Don’t shy away from talking to other couples; they’ve heard each other’s opinions far too many times and will treat your fresh antidotes as a breath of fresh air.
  •  . . . But don’t only talk to couples. There will be plenty of other single people and, to be more specific, plenty of single men. As much as single women dread going to weddings, men dread it even more. Keep in mind that, if a man didn’t bring a female friend as a date, then he is probably there specifically to meet women like you! When talking to single men, keep the demeanor light and flirty (rather than desperate) and remember to continue circulating throughout the space. Keep in mind that, if you make post-wedding plans with more than one fellow, you could potentially be simultaneously dating co-workers, relatives, friends, etc.
  • Wear an outfit that you feel confident and comfortable in. It is hard to dance and move about the room when your feet are killing you. And, if you repeatedly have to rush to the bathroom to check if your dress is giving your chest “adequate coverage,” then you are not able to fully relax and be yourself. Furthermore, avoid the urge to dress overtly sexy to attract men; you might find yourself receiving a less than stellar reception from wives as you try to platonically engage with them and their husbands.
  • While drinking a little bit of alcohol can liven up the night, consuming a lot of it can leave it dead in the water. Even though there might be a complimentary bar does not mean you should take full advantage of it. You want to be mentally on top of your game and turning into a wild party girl who slurs her words will turn the other wedding guests off. If you feel like you might potentially guzzle too much because of nerves, consider sticking to soda instead.
  • Wedding gifts don’t run cheap (or, if yours does, it is often seen as tacky) and single folks don’t have a companion to split the cost with. Powwow with your fellow single friends and pull your collective funds together to get the couple a truly great gift without individually spending a fortune. Plus, keep an eye out for bridal gift sites that offer free shipping.
  • And finally, remember that the grass is always greener! While you might find yourself gazing longingly at the couples, many of them are nostalgic for the days in which they were you! So enjoy the moment instead of dwelling on what you currently don’t have. You are there to celebrate an important occasion in your friend’s life and to join in on a joyful occasion; you can successfully do this with or without a partner.

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