Hit Reply by Roxanne St. Claire

By SMW Staff

TO: tmarkoff@millenniamarketing.com <tom markoff>
FROM: wonderwoman@usol.com <stephanie hilliard>
SUBJ: Great to hear from you
DATE: Friday 7/30 9:10 PM

What a nice surprise! It’s been so many years. I heard you were living in New York for a while. MM will thrive under your creative direction, Tom. I’m glad you and GW could get by your differences – he’s not a bad guy to work for. Look how he’s built MM from nothing to the biggest shop in Boston. Yes, I left the agency two years ago…I had my second baby and my husband accepted a promotion with his company, based in Orlando. So, I’m living the good life – taking care of my two children (a girl, Lily, 5 and a boy, Satan – just kidding – his name is Declan and he just turned 2). Things are great down here. Amazing weather and

TO: tmarkoff@millenniamarketing.com <tom markoff>
FROM: wonderwoman@usol.com <stephanie hilliard>
SUBJ: Right back at ya
DATE: Friday 7/30 9:13 PM

Look who’s back in Boston! New York too easy for you, huh? I heard you broke into MM and strong armed GW into a sweet deal that includes a corner office. Revenge is grand, isn’t it? Good for you. It’s true – I’ve climbed off the career ladder and landed in paradise with two beautiful, perfect, amazing children – Lily, 5, and Declan, 2. My husband, Brent, is the Executive VP of Operations for Grand Regent Hotels; we moved to the Orlando corporate headquarters right after our son was born. You might remember Brent. He was head of finance for Grand Regent when the hotel chain was a Millennia client. We built a lovely home in a nice development called Azure Lakes and I’ve been busy with some volunteer work, although the kids are pretty much full time. Hope you

TO: tmarkoff@millenniamarketing.com <tom markoff>
FROM: wonderwoman@usol.com <stephanie hilliard>
SUBJ: wonder-lust no more
DATE: Friday 7/30 10:00 PM

Well, hell, Markoff. Just when I thought it was safe to go on line. Thanks for the note. I’m fine. Married, mothering, and delighted to never have to write a client conference report ever again. Stay out of that video closet, pal. It’s a dark and dangerous place. Stephanie

wonderwoman@usol.com: foreveramber@quicklink.com is sending you an Instant Message on Monday 8/2 at 11:11 PM
foreveramber: I know it’s past 11, but please tell me you are still up, Stevie.
wonderwoman: I’m here.
foreveramber: Get any good birthday presents?
wonderwoman: Very beautiful pink diamond watch from Brent when he finally got home. Oh – and sensible underwear from my mother.
foreveramber: God love that woman.
wonderwoman: She sent some for Lily, too. Hers were cuter – they had butt ruffles.
foreveramber: Nice. Can we talk about me for a minute???
wonderwoman: What was I thinking?
foreveramber: Think about this: sixty-eight hours and fourteen minutes (well, really only 11 hours and 10 minutes) have passed since the sending of email to Gray. Nothing. Not a word. Noth. Ing.
wonderwoman: Maybe he’s traveling and not checking email.
foreveramber: He strikes me as the kind of guy who would have a SideKick to keep in constant satellite communications with the cyber world.
wonderwoman: He *strikes* you? You haven’t laid eyes on the man since you graduated from high school ten years ago. Wasn’t he a musician of some kind? Give him a few more days. He’ll respond.
foreveramber: I’ve always been too pushy with him.
wonderwoman: You don’t even know if he’s married, single or gay.
foreveramber: Rule out the last one, babycakes. I had him.
wonderwoman: Yes I heard. The prom. What happened that night?
foreveramber: He crashed the after-party and I had enough Tequila Sunrises (blech) to admit that I’d been lusting after him since ninth grade. Who could resist a drunk virgin in a homemade Vera Wang knock-off?
wonderwoman: No mortal man. Then what?
foreveramber: Ridiculously amazing mind-and-body-and-soul connecting sex for three months. Then I went to U Mass and he went to follow his dreams, which, evidently, didn’t include coming back to Massachusetts and marrying me. Never heard from again, as far as I know. But I’ve never forgotten him, Steve. And when someone invades your heart like that, it’s…kismet. Fate. Destiny. Chemistry. Ever had it?
wonderwoman: Yes.
foreveramber: With Brent?
wonderwoman: By the way, I’m not speaking to you.
foreveramber: Yikes. Sorry about my new admin seeing that email about Tom Markoff. Julie’s very sweet, don’t worry.
wonderwoman: Why did you give him my email?
foreveramber: He wanted it. Did you write back yet?
wonderwoman: Yes. After a few pathetic tries. Why don’t you google Gray?
foreveramber: I did. Nothing came up. But he is on classreunion, so I know he’s alive. Or in jail.
wonderwoman: Or married. Oh, that’s redundant.
foreveramber: Stevie!? What’s going on? Is Brent back for a while?
wonderwoman: He left again for San Diego for two days. That’s the hotel biz.
foreveramber: Am I sniffing discontent in wonderland?
wonderwoman: I guess they would call it the seven year itch, right?
foreveramber: Depends. What’s itching?
wonderwoman: I am. Maybe Brent is. Hard to say since he’s never around to scratch or be scratched.
foreveramber: Huge job, darla. He’s in line for the CEO’s job! You’re a made woman. But you gotta put up with the travel. He loves you. He always has.
wonderwoman: Made? Made into what? I’ve done all the shopping and decorating I can do. Now what? Junior League? Good God — I sound like a suburban cliché. How did this happen?
foreveramber: You’re still adjusting to the new life, new city. Wait till Lily starts kindergarten. You’ll take over the school. Run the marketing. Do they have marketing in schools?
wonderwoman: PTA fundraising. Same difference.

foreveramber@quicklink.com: grayscale@connectone.com is sending you an Instant Message on Monday 8/2 at 11:39 PM:
grayscale: amber fleece? am i dreaming?

wonderwoman: What?
foreveramber: HE just IM’d me in a different session. OH. MY. GOD. BYE!!!

You’re not dreaming. I’m real and living in your computer.
grayscale: kewl. one of my favorite boston chicks.
foreveramber: One of?
grayscale: amazing how many people this classreunion thing unearthed.
foreveramber: Sort of like worms. So what are you doing?
grayscale: living, working, playing music
foreveramber: Still? Playing bass? In a band? For real?
grayscale: why are you surprised? i told you that’s what i wanted to do.
foreveramber: Is that what you do for a living?
grayscale: its what i do to live. to make money, i paint.
foreveramber: Paint? I had no idea you were an artist.
grayscale: houses. i paint houses. and walls. garage doors and shit like that.
foreveramber: Oh. You have your own business?
grayscale: sometimes and sometimes i work for other people. sounds like you’ve embraced the business world with both arms.
foreveramber: Yeah, I work. I like it. It’s fulfilling. I sound like an idiot, don’t I?
grayscale: hardly. so, not married, huh?
foreveramber: Nope. You?
grayscale: not technically.
foreveramber: There’s a Gray McDermott meaningless answer if I ever heard one. Either you are or you aren’t, sugar. Which is it?
grayscale: n’t. living with someone, though.
foreveramber: Just like a rock star.
grayscale: it’s a little more complicated than that. can i email you?
foreveramber: I think that was the general idea of my original correspondence.
grayscale: there’s an amber fleece smart ass answer if i ever heard one. i’ll be in touch.
foreveramber: Ten more years?
grayscale: not a chance. why do you think i joined this classreunion thing? to hook up with tiffany sorensen?
foreveramber: They didn’t call her stiffany for nothing.
grayscale: she didn’t have that effect on me
foreveramber: No? Then you’re the only guy in our class who can make that claim.
grayscale: i had my eye on someone else
foreveramber: Will you tell me about her?
grayscale: no. you will. bye, toots.
foreveramber: Bye.

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