How Lucky You Are by Kristyn Kusek Lewis

By SMW Staff

How Lucky You Are by Kristyn Kusek LewisI cherished every minute of reading this book, and the story at the root of it, was totally shocking, so I will not give it away.  Definitely put this on your “Must Read List”!

Three close friends are going through secret struggles that bring each of them facing one of life’s big questions? Just, How Lucky am I?  It is as simple as that.

While Waverly has the steady live-in boyfriend that treats her perfectly, she is harboring secrets about her Bakery business because she is scared of the consequences that might ensue should she speak a word of them.  Waverly and Larry do discuss getting married; having kids, but stop when the conversation gets too deep.  It is like they have a line in the sand they are scared to cross in that discussion.   Because of this, Waverly thinks her two closest friends must have it better!

Then, there is Amy who is married to Mike and has a lovely daughter, Emma.  They live the American dream; all they are missing is white picket fence and the dog!  She too is holding on to a secret from everyone she loves.  She is worried of the consequences, as well.  From the outside Amy is perfection to her friends, but Amy thinks they have it better!

And, there is Kate, who is strong, always well-dressed, and perfect in everyone’s eyes.  Her Husband Brendan is running for the Governor for the State of Virginia, and there are certainly a lot of perks that come along with that, right?   Great tables at restaurants, the fanciest of clothing, meeting such affluent citizens.  I mean, she must have it better than Amy and Waverly put together.  At least that is what they think?

Looking at someone’s life from the outside, no matter how close you think you are to them,  is so different than really being in their shoes.  We all want the world to think we are ok!  We are living the dream, and are certainly full of Luck!  But, once you look in, things may be more unlucky.

By the end of this book you will walk away realizing, “How Lucky You Are”!

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