India’s Summer by Thérèse

By Annie Horksy-McDonnell

India’s Summer by ThérèseA remarkable cross between “Bridget Jones’s Dairy” and “The Devil wears Prada”!

Turning 40 years old has never been easy, not even for India.  This book is not quite in line with the dramatic search for love as in” Bridget Jones’s Diary”; but, as India searches for what her soul truly wants to do with the rest of her life is.  So, she moves from England to America to stay with her twin sister, Annie with the hopes of figuring her life out once and for all.

She is desperately obsessed with all of the bling in Beverly Hills, even before she gets on the plane for Los Angeles.  Outfits are described so well, I was having flashbacks to “The Devil wears Prada”.  If you are also obsessed with fashion, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

India always wanted to write a book, she wants her Prince Charming and the good life.  This book is about her pursuit of making her dreams come true.  Lessons will be learned, friendships will be proven, and family will be reconnected.

Thérèse delivers a perfect beach read.  It is witty and heart-warming at the same time. India is a character that you will root for until the last page.

Once you finish, you will realize that “40 really is the new 30”.

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